What hand should I use to tap?

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So I'm about to switch to tablet, but I have a problem. I'm right handed in writing and other things IRL, but I use a mouse with my left hand for some bizarre reason XD.

That means I would use the pen with my right hand, but then I would have to use my left hand to use my keyboard, which I find super difficult. IDK what to do here - any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
Go with what feels more comfortable for you. Always play how you are comfortable, otherwise it will come back to bite you in the future.

If you want my suggestion however:

If you are used to writing with your right hand, you should most likely play tablet with your right hand and tap with your left, as your hand will be used to the feeling of a pen in your hand.

You will have to get used to tapping with your left hand.
Start out playing easier maps than you usually play and work your way back up.
your fingers

but tbh i'm right-handed too but play mouse with my left hand so i can relate D; i agree with everything KSN wrote though in theory. it shouldn't be too hard to accustome to tapping with the other hand.
felix da rappa
You are one odd person
the 3rd
I tap with both

hope that helps
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