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Medals, Badges and Titles

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Medals, Badges and Titles

Announcement: Remyria and ElectroYan will handle the leaderboard from now on ON THIS WEBSITE. they made a discord server for medals so please join that one if you are interested in medals. my work is done here. i will update the badges leaderboard from time to time until someone else replaces that too. thanks <3

Badge Ranking

If two people have the same amount of badges, the one who was first will be ranked higher (since it's harder to get more badges when there are fewer out or when you have less time).
If you have over 9 badges or know someone who does please put their names in this thread and i'll add them.

  1. Bubbleman, 24 badges
  2. DigitalHypno, 24 badges
  3. Toy, 23 badges
  4. Apraxia, 19 badges
  5. idke, 15 badges
  6. Azer, 13 badges
  7. Crystal, 13 badges
  8. chocomint, 13 badges
  9. Monko2k, 11 badges
  10. fieryrage, 11 badges
  11. Yaong, 11 badges
  12. Chaoslitz, 10 badges
  13. tasuke912, 10 badges
  14. Rucker, 9 badges

watch-list (close to cut-off): Vaxei, ThePooN, WubWoofWolf, -[ xi Ishida xi ]-

last update: 01.11.2019
Ranking of players ordered by their number of badges.

Title List

Individual (achievements):
- Drum Decimator Drum Decimator (First player to fc? all taiko maps pog)
- The First Completionist xasuma (The first who has played every ranked map in existance)
- Elite Mapper II: Aspirant Charles445 (Winning Aspire, MBC and other mapping related achievements)
- Medal Hunter Zetera (Finding the conditions to a medal, Contest)
- Champion Above Champions -GN (being first to FC Shotgun Symphony+)

Individual (work / misc):
- osu!taiko Paragon OnosakiHito
- osu!weekly editor Nyquill
- w00t p00t BanchoBot
- Resident Skinner LuigiHann
- iPhone Dev nuudles
- Popcorn Fairy Loctav
- COOL DUDE Derekku
- Boats Zallius

Groups (achievements):
- osu!champion (Winner of world cup, doesn't nessercarily stay forever)
- Elite mapper: Aspirant (Winner of Aspire mapping contest, e.g. Monstrata, Spectator, etc.)
- Elite Mapper (Winner of monthly beatmapping contest, e.g. Deif)

Groups (work / misc):
- Beatmap Nominator (see Wiki Page)
- osu! Alumni (see Wiki Page)
- osu!dev (see Group Page)
- osu!team (see Group Page)
- Global Moderator (see Wiki Page)
- Nomination Asessment Team (see Wiki Page)
- Support Team (see Wiki Page)
- osu!musician (e.g. nekodex, cysmix, etc.)
- osu!painter (e.g. Daru, RBRat3)
- Pro Tester (Feature Testing, e.g. MillhioreF, statementreply)
- Elite Storyboarder (e.g. 11t, Damnae, Exile-)

Last Update: 01.11.2019
List of currently existing titles in osu!
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This thread is on the 8th page of g&r now. I'm updating it daily. " Last edited by mulraf less than a minute ago, edited 108 times in total. "
It has gone from only Medals to Medals, Badges and Titles as of Today. I think this might be interesting for more people now.
I hope that justifies a bump.
Nice jobe
there's also an "Elite Storyboarder" title. The three users I know of with it are 11t, Damnae, and Exile- . It's awarded when a storyboarder is just that awesome rather than being associated with contests
this is cool
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Noffy wrote:

there's also an "Elite Storyboarder" title. The three users I know of with it are 11t, Damnae, and Exile- . It's awarded when a storyboarder is just that awesome rather than being associated with contests
thanks, updated :3 (and ty to everyone else too <3)
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wew so much happening. lain got 7! new medals in one week, -electro- reached 195! medals, remyria finally dissolved the tie and is on #3 now. found a few new faces.
on the 01.08 the new threshold will be set to 170 medals. everyone who's on the list will stay there forever (below a horizontal rule or some sht like that). so if you got it tell me, it's hard to search actively.

then there's the apraxia - bubbleman battle with apraxia getting 18 badges first and bubbleman just now getting 2 new badges for a total of 19 slowly closing in on digitalhypno and toy. really getting interesting now. idke also overcoming shige and crystal getting 2 new badges. threshhold has been lowered to 9 for now (i mean 9 is a full row on the profile so the number's not as bad as it sounds :D) since too few people on the leaderboard. but eventually it will be raised, will take some time though.

also added the champion above champions -gn to the title list.

this thread is still relevant! (well, it never was but i kinda like observing all of this :D)
(oh and also added flags i guess.)
Got 121 medals
Time to farm the shit out of em.
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ooof new hush-hush achievements :O
guessing one of them will be passing probox's exit this earths atmosphere due to the rocket /minor spoiler :o

also congrats to bubbleman for taking 1st place on badge ranking with 24 badges! and jackylam getting loads of new medals a while ago. should i post something here if there are any major news on medals or badges? i mean i'm not on r/osugame and there's no one posting anything related there i guess.

trying to keep this relevant... somehow i guess. it never was but doesn't hurt trying :o


edit2: w00t SHK is close to hitting 200 medals pogChamp
peppy gave me a list of all the user titles, and i put them on this page (minus user groups and "osu!team"). thanks noffy for suggesting this

if you add new titles here please update the wiki page or message me so i can do it. thanks for making this :D
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