MelonThug's 4K Mania Queue(NM/M4M) [CLOSED]

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This is my first time modding so don't expect professional opinions or advice. No format needed just put the link and some info if you want.


1. I will only mod 4k mania maps.
2. Please don't send a map that's bad on purpose
3.I can only mod up to 4*(yh i suck)
4. I will always choose M4M over NM
5. Pls don't hate me for my opinions
6. No maps over 4 minutes
7. I prefer anime music but i will still mod other maps
8. No LN maps pls. I am mentally unable to comprehend and successfully play such maps.
9. Please specify what difficulty/s and what type of mod you want(NM/M4M)
10. I will only mod 1 difficulty


You will have to mod my map first then i will mod yours
Link to map to be modded:
Choose any difficulty(i would prefer you mod Hard tho)

I mainly look for TIMING and where singles/doubles/triads/quads are placed.A bit of pattern checking and pitch relevancy sometimes. I usually leave alot of suggestions as well. Just saying

I would appreciate kudosu if I have helped you(just thumbs up one of my mod posts to do this)
Feel free to PM me if you need more info about something.

Guess I'm first?

It's not anisong, and the hard diff is slightly above 3.5 stars so.. i hope you still accept.

Thank you.
I want to req NM~
It's 4K mapset
Already have HS
The highest diff is *3.5
You can mod diff what you want

Thank you~
INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED since they are under 3.5*

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[Claren] wrote:

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED since they are under 3.5*

Sorry i forgot to mention that i will only mod 1 difficulty per person. I will mod ADVANCED. Sorry for the inconvenience
Hoi NM
there's only 1 diff

Hi MelonThug,

NM pls
Its not anisong but idol song

mod any diff you like

Hope you like it, thanks

NM req

I’m fine with any of the lower diffs

Tysm :3
Hello melon, muu here :) i'd like to ask a normal mod.
My map is wip atm, hopefully you fine with it.
I can do m4m too if you want, but since i'm very lazy at it i probably wouldn't mod your map first :") just tell me which map you want me to mod if you want.
Thanks in advance

p.s. my English is bad
mijkolsmith mod either the lowest diff or one above it or if you like it both. The highest one is above 4*, the rules specified you don't mod that, but if you have any suggestions related to the other diffs as well feel free to post then. The song's exactly 4 minutes, and I just want NM mod.
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Closed forever probs. Modding is pretty boring xd. Sorry
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