bad modding q (4k mania) open but m4m only

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Ragnarok VII
hi i mod mania now
only m4m


-if you dont read everything i'll put salt in your bed
-if it's closed it's closed you clod
-respect format
-reply to the mods or i will put charcoal in your bed along with the salt


-Anything from a mobile rhythm game, mostly: Arcaea, Dynamix, Cytus 2, Lanota (as stated in my signature thing)
-Hardcore (japanese) EDM, my favourite artists are Camellia, lapix, sky_delta/Endorfin., the Hardcore Tano*C doujin and Frums. I might still like it if i recognize the artist (probably from a rhythm game)
-Popular song from STD (but no pp farm)
-Probably any song i already know and don't hate
-Anime songs. I don't hate anime openings, but mania has widely enough tv size openings (this does not mean every japanese song with lyrics is bad, but it better be interesting)
-Metal songs, I actually don't really like metal, sorry
-Songs that are repetitive and long.
-Most western music (and anything the "hip kids" listen to nowadays)
-K-pop, I don't have anything against it but I don't enjoy it that much

-I will be much, much much more likely to mod hard maps (preferably over 5*)
-I prefer interesting maps. Mania doesn't need more 3* anime openings.
-If I know you or you're my friend you get bonus points
-Please tell me my art is nice if you read this ;w;
-Big big big plus for whatever is not generic
-MOST IMPORTANTLY, I mod whatever I want

m4m map

Hirugaeru Tsubasa Oikakete by Camellia

I'm pushing weird LN Spjack for rank don't mind me


NM or M4M:
Number of Difficulties:
Which do I mod:
Star Rating Range:
Whatever other stuff you wanna say:

Look at recent post for available spots
If you post when there's already enough i'm going to sell your child on ebay
Doesn't apply to g o o d friends ofc

i will put you here if you've been a meanie
noone (yet)
Electric Rain
Artist: Gram vs. Kobaryo
Title: Yggdrasil
Number of Difficulties: 1
Star Rating Range: 10.62
Length: 06:37
BPM: 100-200

Hello! That's my first map (no trolling) so I will be glad about your tips and suggestions.
Thanks in advance! :)
Artist: Muzzy
Title: Endgame
Number of Difficulties: 1
Star Rating Range: 6.42
Length: 6:11
BPM: 172
trying to go for rank, not hitsounded yet (really need help with that)
Artist: oesterreich
Title: munou (tv size)
Number of Difficulties: 2
Star Rating Range: 3.68-4.96
Length: 1:27
BPM: 168
whatever other stuff you wanna say: hi!!
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Ragnarok VII
expect a mod around this saturday
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Ragnarok VII


M4M open for as many or as few maps as I want

I will pick the maps myself, this isn't first come first served
I will let you know clearly if I picked your map or not
If I didn't pick your map, feel free to pm me to know why
It's all subjective, I pick maps because of personal preference and I am not a deity who personally decided what is good or not lol

Edit: Will probably tell you right away the reason i rejected your map if i do.
Hey there!
NM or M4M: NM
Artist: cosMoP feat. Hatsune Miku
Title: Hatsune Miku no Gekishou
Number of Difficulties: 5(NHIII)
Which do I mod: Anything you'd want besides Normal and Hard
Star Rating Range: 2.00-5.08* overall but 4.11-5.08 for the maps i'd like you to mod
Length: 2:38
BPM: 200
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: This is Vocaloid its not anime!! thanks for your time :3 Also your art is nice xd
Noch Einen
OwO brand new modder
Here's some salt

NM or M4M: NM
Artist: StPri
Title: Palette Dance
Number of Difficulties: 4
Which do I mod: pick any of either Hard or Colorful (4k ofc)
Star Rating Range:2.75 - 3.5
Length: 4:02
BPM: 179
Link: beatmapsets/1171748#mania/2444093
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: this isnt anime song. also you might confused about a member inside.
repetitive? i think, but the pattern arent :P
hi i love you
nm or m4m: nm pls
artist: t+pazolite vs. P*Light
title: IZANA
# of diffs: 4
which to mod: AH's Future or Apocalypse (prefer you mod AH's Future, but if you want to mod the 5* only its fine)
star range: 4.36* (AH's Future) 5.13* (Apocalypse)
length: 2 minutes 1 second
bpm: 222
link: beatmapsets/1118731
other stuff: apocalypse has heavy sv usage. thats about it

also ur art smells

NM or M4M: NM
Artist: Ushirokara Haiyoritai G
Title: Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari (TV Size)
Number of Difficulties: 3
Which do I mod: Last or any ok
Star Rating Range: ~2.7*
Length: 1:29
BPM: 158
Link: beatmapsets/1139736#mania/2446615
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: easy map, less Sv, some Ln ed vocal

Thanks in advacne
Hey, I have two maps so you can pick one of them since idk if you mod 7k

Artist: lapix
Title: Never Fails (Extended)
Number of Difficulties: 1
Which do I mod: only one
Star Rating Range: 5.24*
Length: 4:15
BPM: 151
Link: beatmapsets/1168100#mania/2437106
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: LN oriented map

for 7k

Artist: Camellia
Title: FM Synthesis Experiment
Number of Difficulties: 1
Which do I mod: only one
Star Rating Range: 6.8*
Length: 5:09
BPM: 150
Link: beatmapsets/1132659#mania/2365803
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: Tech - dump map

Shima Rin
Hi there.
NM or M4M: NM
Artist: Yooh
Title: Butterfly Twist
Number of Difficulties: 5
Which do I mod: Any diff as you wish
Star Rating Range: 4.09*
Length: 2:02
BPM: 160
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: LN-based top diff

Thanks in advance!
ay ay o/
NM or M4M: NM
Artist: M2U
Title: Lunatic Sky
Number of Difficulties: 4
Which do I mod: all if possible xD
Star Rating Range: 4,3
Length: 1:59
BPM: 160
Link: beatmapsets/462632#mania/2411570
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: rhythm game's song, simple pattern
nice art
NM or M4M: NM
Artist: R3 Music Box
Title: Harumachi Clover
Number of Difficulties: 4
Which do I mod: Any, up to you.
Star Rating Range: 0.71* - 1.76*
Length: 0:42
BPM: 96
Link: beatmapsets/1173217#mania/2446876
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: Nice and slow map, not like all the other harumachi clovers.
Sorry......Ignore this post......
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Ragnarok VII
First of all, your map is literally too high quality for me to mod. I will drop a hype instead.
Mapping is clean, there isn't many issues to point out.
The song choice isnt anime but still not too appealing for me, tho i know that specific song and like that you're pushing something different for ranked.
The map itself isnt too interesting, but it is very high quality and rather challenging so props to you.
Good luck on ranking this!
I don't think you've read the whole rules and guidelines, or at least chose to ignore some of it.
I don't think mania needs more low difficulty stuff like this. The map is fine, but there really isn't anything particularly eye catching to me. It's too simple for me to give any feedback.
I don't think it's a bad map, but this queue isn't the one for you
First how dare you say my art is bad ;w;
I'm obviously kidding
Okay lets list the positives:
I know you made a diff for AlexDunk's Arcaea collections
You're mapping an Arcaea song
It's Hardcore Tano*C
The map is pretty interesting
I mapped this song before
Map is high quality enough that I can appreciate it but there are still things to mod
Expect a mod and hype pretty soon!
I don't think you've read the whole thread either. I do not wish to promote maps like this to the ranked section, it already has enough of those.
I think this breaks all of the guidelines i wrote down
I don't think you read the whole rules and guidelines, but thats not why I rejected.
You chose some amazing songs, the mapsets are great.
I can't really mod LN sadly, so its a big no for me. I wish you good luck ranking that set, however!
The 7K one has an amazing song choice. Sadly I have very little experience with 7K, which is a shame because these patterns look incredibly appealing and fun to play.
Expect a hype from me on the 7k one.
So sorry I can't mod this, best of luck to you.
I don't think you've read the whole rules and guidelines either. I mean it's not that hard, cmon.
You've got a great song, but I can't mod for a few reasons:
I am bad at modding LN
You seem to know much more about LN and mapping in general than I do
I'm sorry I couldn't mod this, expect at least a hype from me.
I know you and I absolutely love your Sweet Requiem mapset.
I'm slightly mad because your modding q rules don't let me post my under construxion set but its okayyyy
Great song, popular on STD as well
Map is pretty high quality but can definitely get some mods, even if its a simple set.
Expect mod and hype!
If you read the rules and guidelines you'd immediately understand why I don't want to mod this.
This is not particularly interesting, we really don't need more anime openings for ranked.
Super easy diffs, which i cant mod because there's literally nothing to say.
So no. Sorry.

Thank you for requesting, I might have been a little blunt, and I'm sorry for that. All of you are free to request again for a different mapset preferably (AND AFTER HAVING READ THE RULES FOR THOSE CONCERNED).



cmon pls i want some mods too ;-;
NM or M4M: nm
Artist: De De Mouse
Title: Silly Love
Number of Difficulties: 2
Which do I mod: lovestruck (and hyper, if you want)
Star Rating Range: 3.5 - 4.7
Length: 3:50
BPM: 124 - 153
Link: beatmapsets/1168803#mania/2438560
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: it's more ln i guess, but there are some sort of "speed sections"

your art is nice
hello there o/

NM or M4M: NM
Artist: t+pazolite vs. P*Light
Title: IZANA
Number of Difficulties: 3
Which do I mod: any
Star Rating Range: 2.43*-4.38*
Length: 2:01
BPM: 222
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: arcaea song, and the top diff is LN heavy

I know you have received the same song but if you don't want to receive the same song then just ignore it

Infant Annihilator
1 diff
Carnage diff
length 5:29 (start is like 1min of really ez LN so it isnt that long)
150-160 (its actually 300 - 320 but it works better with 150-160)
link beatmapsets/1173412#mania/2447311

Its speed, js, jacks and technical patterns. its surper hard lmao. also its hitsounded

going for ranked. please enjoy!!

also nice art bro

o/ hey

NM or M4M: M4M
Artist: Hachito
Title: Floating
Number of Difficulties: 6
Which do I mod: any, but preferably the top diffs
Star Rating Range: 1.42~5.17 (though the last diff is really underrated, so about 6* ig)
Length: 2:28
BPM: 175
Link: beatmapsets/1101599#mania/2301343
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: It's a tech/jack/LN maps. Even though you don't mod LN, the LN in this map is quite different from others, so maybe give it a look?

Also assuming ur pfp is ur art, then nice art!

NM or M4M: NM
Link: beatmapsets/1072872
Title/Artist: Micelle - PhonDrome!
Source: BMS
Length: 2:13
BPM: 190-253.333
Begginer 1.44* / Normal 2.39* / Hyper 3.21* / Another 4.39* / Black Another 5.20* / The Party is OVER 5.79*
Which do I mod: "The Party is OVER" diff

NM or M4M: NM
Artist: DJ Genki vs Gram
Title: Einherjar Joker
Number of Difficulties: 7
Which do I mod: any
Star Rating Range: 0,98 - 6,14
Length: 2:15
BPM: 222
Link: beatmapsets/1128003#mania/2356497
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: help me

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Ragnarok VII


I know your STD maps and i love them!
I had no clue you mapped mania, but im pleasantly surprised
Song choice is actually pretty great, and I love that kind of repetitive but varied techy-y map
Expect mod and hype soon
I don't mind modding IZANA again you two did it in a different way each so I'm up for it
Map looks pretty interesting, and also are you the same Tsukasa who composes songs??
Anyway, expect mod and hype!
I'm actually quite fond of this map, even tho it's metal which i don't like too much. Also, much more likely to accept M4M
Mod and hype soon!
First of all I know you a little bit
Second of all M4M
Third of all that map is actually really really interesting
I would absolutely love to see this shooting for ranked
Expect a mod and hype!
I don't like the song that much, and it seems like the overall appearance of the map is kinda low quality.
The patterns aren't all that interesting and rather unbalanced
I really can't mod that much ln, sorry.
I saw your map before, it is literally way too high quality for me to mod in a helpful way.
I'll hype it nonetheless!
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Ragnarok VII

For those I accepted, please expect a small delay from my part, I'm kinda slightly busy with school work (obviously)

You WILL receive your mod however, and if it takes more than 2 weeks for the first map and 3 weeks for the last feel free to PM me and remind me.

I go in chronological order ^^


Hii, nice country btw lol

NM or M4M: M4M
Artist: Camellia
Title: feel my conscious
Number of Difficulties: 1
Which do I mod: re-activ//e
Star Rating Range: 6*
Length: 6:44
BPM: 146
Link: beatmapsets/1176152#mania/2453117
Whatever other stuff you wanna say: It's SV + Jack, even if you can't mod please try to find something! :D

I'll mod your /// Under Construxion // - Camellia map. ^^
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Ragnarok VII


I mean I pretty much accept all M4M
And also you already modded soooo

Yes I'm modding I promise, I'm just very slow

Modded already:
- BaniiYanii
- Syadow-
- winber1

To be modded (in order from first to last, i prioritize M4M):
- siberbule
- Itzuaka
- -Tsukasa-

Thanks for waiting <3

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Ragnarok VII


I am slowly getting more active again! School is stressful qwq

- siberbule

Soon to be modded (still in order):
- Itzuaka (Tokoyami Towa?)
- notBrandon
- -Tsukasa-

Thanks for waiting still <3

Also, before modding my map please contact me so I can tell you which diff I would rather have modded (if you only want to mod one that is)
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Ragnarok VII

open for 3 m4m!!!!!

it's not first come first served so feel free to request until i've said it's closed againw ee
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