Controller isn't so bad if set up right (video)

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Hi all!

I'm exploring using the gyro in a controller as a mouse, and found osu! while looking for a game that really demonstrates what a mouse can do that a thumbstick can't.

Now that I've put a couple hours in, I'm hooked! This game is sick!

Okay, I know that was better suited to the "introduce yourself" forum, but here's the real stuff:

I'm playing with JoyShockMapper, which converts DualShock 4, JoyCons, and Switch Pro Controller (including gyro) to keyboard and mouse input.

This was probably about my second hour with osu! I don't have a lot of spare time to game lately, but I'm keen to sink some more hours into this game and see what I can do with it.

I guess the usual advice applies, right? Two clicks could be better than one (I only use one in the video), practice practice practice...

Any ideas as to what might be different with a controller like this?

Btw, you can give it a go yourself. My JoyShockMapper config file for osu! is on GyroWiki.

Edit: full disclosure, I created JoyShockMapper and GyroWiki, but one's open source and the other is a wiki. Neither make any money, they're just to help people get into gaming with gyro.
why use a controller when you can use tablet and keyboard?
The cheapest tablet around costs 26$ and it's from a company called Veikk, for the keyboard, i think you shoul have one at home, if not, buy a mechanical keypad that costs 10$/15$
I really hope I helped you!!!
plz enjoy game
Looks interesting, definitely playable. You should add smoke and skip buttons to your config though. Also, what about the input lag?

I wonder how do you stream with this thing
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