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[NM/M4M] radar's taiko q ✨

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NM open?

mod mine
thanks in advance
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PatZar wrote:

NM open?
Yes! NM and M4M still open, except new M4M map here:
as you told me to :3c

anime dnb eurobeat yuri incest, all i know is that this song’s a fucking banger
Fleure De Lapin

radar wrote:

Yes! NM and M4M still open, except new M4M map here:

Is that map for M4M? I want to M4M request here :

Thank you :)
Hi again! M4M please~

btw who mod first?
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Alrighty, I don't need any more M4M's at the moment, but im still open for some NM requests

>8* preferred, I don't like modding SR inflation maps and usually thats what these are


Hi, mapping taiko for rank for the first time so I'd appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance!
NM! it’s not an anime opening, it’s just a short version of a song.
modding sv or volume is really appreciated

ty for hyping it owo
new to taiko mapping would like some feedback
Would appreciate a NM for the oni difficulty
Song: Toromi Hearts 2
Drain Time: 3:26
Map Link:
If you want to look at the lower difficulty I would appreciate it as well if you have time.
Thank you!
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Closing this for now!! Check back early August.
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Annnd im back

Open for 5 NM slots
Requesting does not guarantee you a mod!
No KFM or KF sets
I prefer to mod newer mappers maps so keep that in mind before requesting, I have a higher chance of accepting people with 0 ranked maps
Please be patient! It can take me up to 8 days to mod your map (if i haven't modded it and 8 days have passed, consider that me denying your request
put vvvv at the bottom of your request if you read this!

Open for 2 M4M slots
For the meantime, requesting M4M gives me a ticket which i can use to request a mod from you when I get a map, in exchange for a mod now on one of your maps. If you request M4M i will dm you in the coming days when i finish a mapset that is going for ranked. Thanks for understanding :D
put vvvv at the bottom of your request if you read this!

im beggin please give maps
nanahira Halloween, aiming to rank before halloween
vvvvanks in advvvvance
Heya radar o/

Nepu is gonna force me to rank something

thank you vvvvery much
Konpaku Sariel
hello i'm about to NM request to you

thanks :D
Yahallo, NM please~
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