Who likes sushi?

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I wanna find my people!

Who likes sushi?

Plz tell me.
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yay! someone who also likes it

Journal wrote:

Anywayssss, me!
What kind of sushi are we talking about here? Like sushi rolls or regular sushi?
i love american sushi
My top 10 favorite rolls. Excludes tempura as it would have tempura version duplicates

1) Carla Roll
smoked salmon, cream cheese, raspberries, jalapeno peppers and poppy seeds

2) South Wedge Roll
Smoked salmon, cucumber, bacon, poppy seeds and wasabi + mayo

3) Philadelphia Roll
Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and sesame seeds

4) Salmon Diablo Roll
diced salmon and minced scallions and poppy seeds + chili garlic sauce

5) Alaska Roll
Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and poppy seeds

6) Boston roll
Shrimp, cucumber, Japanese mayo, avocado and sesame seeds

7) California Roll
Crabstick, cucumber, Japanese mayo, avocado and sesame seeds

8) Spider Roll
crab, Japanese mayo, avocado, crunchy onion and cucumber

9) Dragon Roll
eel, crab sticks, avocado, cucumber, eel sauce

10) King Crab Roll
crab, mayonnaise

Anything tuna related automatically goes to my top 10 disliked sushi
lel. american sushi names sound like some random attack in hajime no ippo.

anyways, not the biggest fan but i still do like it :D i like avocado maki, kampyo maki (pumpkin) and gomaae maki (spinach, sesame & peanut sauce) the most.
I've never tried sushi, but I'd like to. I've only ever tried battered cod.
Me, clearly.
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