Ziel's 4K Mania Queue (NM only) [Closed]

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NM request.

Artist - Title: penoreri - Prayer
Length: 1:50
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/952639#mania/1989705
Diff: NOV or ADV since EXH is mainly LNs

thanks in advance.
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Way more requests than I thought, closed until I finish all of them (which is soon)

Thanks for all the feedback on my last map. I fixed everything you said i should. I finished another map i was making. Would also like feedback on this one although i'm pretty sure there are way less errors in this one compared to my last.
Mod the Hard diff. preferably
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hello we need few mods from you for this map https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/807527
it's generic charts besides short length

thank you ziel!
No LN...welp.. you can choose lower diff with lower LN :D


Simple map and song. I hope you can mod it as you can. Find modder is hard nowadays

Thanks UwU
And here is mine!
DY Myosuke - Black Territory
Length - 2:07
You can mod whatever difficulties you desire. Have fun, and thank you in advance!
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Okay, closed since nobody else is requesting ^^ Will reopen later
Oh nvm i though it was open, havent seen last post lmao (Edited)
Ill come back later
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Opening for two days. ^^; Closing on 24th of April
Edit: Added M4M, by the way!
Hello ziel, muu here :) i'd like to ask normal mod.
my map is wip atm, hopefully you fine with it.
i can do m4m too if you want, but since i'm very lazy at it i probably wouldn't mod your map first :") just tell me which map you want me to mod if you want.
thanks in advance

p.s. my English is bad :(
https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/942437#mania finally the queue's open! I've been here twice already :p This map is finished, 4:00 long exactly, and has 3 difficulties. I'm just looking for a NM mod.
NM Req please owo


Length: 1:09 (1:09 drain) and Easy ~ Hard mapset

thx @(^0^)==@
Hey ziel,

NM request in here


Length : below 1:40 for both difficulties
Genre : Instrumental
Map set : Easy ~ a bit Normal
Feel free to mod any difficulty if you want
Thanks in advance!
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It is currently 12:00AM in GMT+8. Closed! Will begin work on these mods soon :)
Might also change the structure of the queue.
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Reopening for a bit. Restructured the queue, remember to read the main post! ^^;


M4M pl0x
Will probably mod your kobaryo map

Camellia - Upload Your Mind :: Download My Soul

There is a 15 seconds LN segment so you can ignore it

Tysm :3
M4M (since my map is quite long, i could mod multiple of your maps if you like)
My Map: Painters of the Tempest - Ne Obliviscaris

Your Map: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/959109#mania/2008004

The first 4 or so minutes are alot of repeativeness, buts thats how the song is, so i want it to repeat. There are LN sections, but not complex. The map is meant to feature alot of different styles of mapping. streams/handstreams/jacks/ln/jumpstreams/etc which takes you on a journy as you play. But there are sections that im not entirely happy with which i could explain if u do decide to mod my map.
M4M Request

Song: Momoiro Clover Z - Santa-san
Length: 5:01
Diff: idk there's so many to choose from *sarcastic glare*

Keysounds are still work in progress, I want you to check if there are any errors, inconsistencies, the like.

After you finish I'll mod your https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/892380

Thanks :>
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