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As we all know, it is important to maintain the communities of OT as well as relevant osu! content away from each other, however, it is also important to educate our fellow denziens and have scientists on their mark to alert us of any danger or occurrence that may ruin what us OT!Denziens call home. As such, I have conducted a behavioral analysis in my area of expertise; mapping. If we are allowing Beatmap Nominators or even QAT to migrate here, which is not for me to decide, then we need to understand the dangers that come with it. I am all for brightening our community with new friendly faces, however my previous concerns that I have brought up with my last informal report I fear that some of these Nominators will only bring negativity across our borders. More into that later. Most importantly, however, I would like to talk about the massive changes that are happening right now to the ranking system and how it will affect OT!.

Why do WE care about what is happening in the mapping community? What even IS happening?

OT! is a community that changes and evolves with the community that it stems from. All, if not 99% of OT!Denziens have come from osu!. Because of this, it is important we fully understand what is happening in other communities to know the risks that may affect us. Because of this it's only natural that we should prepare ourselves for what is to come with the recent and future ranking changes. These changes include the disbandment of the QAT, BN's able to veto and disqualify beatmaps, and the new team N.A.T. I have decided that these are the major changes that may have an impact on OT!. Keep in mind this is only a theory and therefor may not happen at all, but it's my responsibility to bring this up so there are no surprises.

What may change and why:

The mapping community is a neat one. Whenever something big like this happens there will almost inevitably be people who are against the idea, and almost everyone will have one or two negative opinions about the new changes. I am not here to get into a debate about whether or not the new ranking changes are good, however I believe that with the disbandment of the QAT and the new responsibility BN's must handle, it will leave some folk within the group feeling neglected (because they weren't invited to the new "NAT" team) or overwhelmed with their new responsibilities. To cope with this, they will want to find an area to get away from anything osu! related. Some will go to other areas of the forum, but OT! is certainly high up on the list of targeted areas where we may receive and influx of BN's who need time to get away. Is this a threat? Most likely. Because BN's no matter where they go are carrying around their official badge of nominator status, people will always see them that way. If a BN who wants to take a breather away from where they usually work in is surrounded by people admiring or even acknowledging the fact they are BN's their mindset will drift back to their duties which is often stressful and overwhelming.

Also, many BN's are diagnosed with a mental illness named Nominatylosa. Nominatylosa, or simply Naty, is a disease that makes the carrier feel as if they are constantly in the middle of a heated debate. People can become affected by Naty when they have even just witnessed a long heated debate, and nearly every Nominator who has actually been in one for more than three messages is almost guaranteed to become infected by it.

On top of all of this BN's, from my extensive research on their behaviors, typically have a rather "dream and meme" attitude for lack of a better term. They will dream up an insane dream, and execute the meme. For example, Hanasaka Yui's Harumachi Clover set. Hanasaka Yui dreamed of making a Harumachi Clover set, and executed the meme perfectly. However, it was clear she was too impulsive and in fact not thinking properly! Takekii had been cursed by a Harumachi Clover curse cast upon her by evil nominator Nao Tomori, who also happened to be her mentor! This is evident in the fact Tekekii, now Hanasaka Yui, denies the fact that she was cursed at all. However, as her profile suggests by hovering over her name, she was once known as Tekekii, certainly not with the birth name of Hanasaka Yui!

Another incident of the "dream and meme" attitude is Sotarks. In an interview with QAT Pishifat, Sotarks explains how he gets pissed off mapping PP maps. (7:13) "Sometimes, like, I really get pissed off, like, mapping pp... I actually want to do stuff that I really enjoy." By creating a persona for hiself as the "meme pp mapper", sotarks has lost sight and loses time to map what he really enjoys. He dreamed of the meme, and then got meme'd himself.

These are just two of the many other nominators and mappers who are dreamers and memer's. By inviting these dreamers and memers, nominators with Nominatylosa, and nominators who are overwhelmed constantly by their duties, we certainly must take safety precautions.

What can we do?

I recommend the following procedures take place, of course after being approved by the president, to ensure we have a safe and welcoming home for nominators (named: Act of Safe People of Authority Immigration 1A: Nominators):

1) Begin research for cures of Nominatylosa.

2) Greet nominators as people, not as nominators. If they've recently been or witnessed any drama, do not mention it. Do not talk about their maps (even complimenting it) and remain on topic. Off topic I mean. On topic of off topic.

3) Make sure all denziens, especially nomiantors, are watched by security guards as usual. We cannot allow people with natural impulses creating ruckus.

Doing all of these will ensure that we are prepared if we are hit with an influx of nominators. Thank you for your time.

Written by, Ashton.
asriel dreemur 2
Ok, let me address this.

1) Researching things outside of OT is outside my jurisdiction. I can go around and document or share what I think, but not gather resources for myself or anyone here. The best I can do is verify what you are saying, and not figure out why or how part of it. Sorry.

Once first nominators become honorary denizens, I will begin research in to Nominatylosa. That or you figure out how to get Kisses here because that's the person I know that I *might* be able to study according to my jurisdiction. And I say might because Kisses's denizenship status would be revoked due to abandonment of OT for BN as soon as the OTConstitution comes into effect.

2) Nominators hold some foreign power in the surrounding osu! land. They are certainly not typical nobodies.

3) I think a bit of drama is good for OT once in while. It makes things more exciting. Ofc, penalties will be in order, but we all know we enjoy that popcorn while it lasts.

All in all BN are welcome guests, and may there be some day we see some as denizens.
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abraker wrote:

put it on OT news 21 :scream:
Who's holding the eulogy, and will there be cake?
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I can sit here and watch the distant lands burn on their own if they wanted it in the first place. OT isn't simply classified as a escape route for being too formal, it is a community in it's own. Anyone is welcome, but regulations will still be implemented towards them whoever it is. Also, some of the great people of today started at OT, check the older archives and you'll find thier humble beginnings here.
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