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wow this song is so good

Looking for anything, just preferably a lower difficulty than the one titled "Exorcism"

Mapset Goal:
Easy: (1 - 2*) Open
Normal: (2 - 3*) Open
Hard: (3 - 4*) Open
Insane: (4 - 5*) Open
Extra: (5 - 6*) Open
Exorcism: (6.48*) Complete!

Multiple of the same general difficulty is okay, just as long as it isn't too excessive (ex. I don't want 5 different Extra difficulties)

Here's a link to the map: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/953294#osu/1990427

Thanks for your time owo
Maybe put the map link?
oh, good idea lol
I can't believe I forgot that
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