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Imai Lisa
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 21 октября 2020 г. at 16:17:53

Artist: Nakanoke no Itsutsugo
Title: Gotoubun no Kimochi
Source: 五等分の花嫁
Tags: Xetopia -Hex- Dapuluous Sc4v4ng3r Scavanger 5toubun no hanayome 5hanayome 5-toubun go-toubun 中野 一花 二乃 三玖 四葉 五月 Miku Yotsuba Nino Itsuki Ichika 水瀬 いのり Minase Inori 佐倉 綾音 Sakura Ayane ayaneru 伊藤 美来 Itou 竹達 彩奈 Taketatsu Ayana 花澤 香菜 Hanazawa Kana hanakana The Five Wedded Brides The Quintessential Quintuplets opening op full 斉藤 信治 Saito Nobuharu Five Equal Feelings Anime Japanese
BPM: 175
Filesize: 7235kb
Play Time: 03:36
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cup (1,94 stars, 336 notes)
  2. Hexuluous' Rain (4,26 stars, 845 notes)
  3. Overdose (4,85 stars, 857 notes)
  4. Salad (2,48 stars, 404 notes)
  5. Sc4's Platter (3,14 stars, 565 notes)

Download: Nakanoke no Itsutsugo - Gotoubun no Kimochi
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
redownload after 09.09.2020

platter by sc4
collab rain by hex and dapu

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