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Well, it's been a long run.

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Hey all, it's Sky here (Or by most people, Senyo).

It's been 2 and a half years and probably one of the games I've put the most time into, but all good things come to an end.
I've watched friends come and go from this community, and I've decided that it's my time to take my leave.
I don't know how much of an impact this will make or if anyone really cares at this point. But hey, I'm self centered and I felt like making a thread.

So a long and stupid speech from myself :

As many has probably been expecting from my recent periodic absences, I'm now "officially" quitting. Meaning osu! is no longer installed on my computer.
There will be no more temptations on logging in, intending to play one map and leave, then end up playing 10 maps 10,000 different times trying to get a record.
If you've heard of my name, then you probably know me by one of three options.

1) Someone I've met during my newbie stages
2) My Big Black Record.
3) Fooling around in Multi.

I want to tell everyone here that I earned my record by sheer effort. I am no "God" of CtB or a pro player. I'm merely just someone who tries a map over and over again until I get it right. Many will spectate me expecting me to full combo a "DSAKLDJSAKDJASK" map in just one try, or getting a record as impressive as my big black one record upon spectating, just to find out that they will see the "Osu! Buffering : 98.7%" icon appearing probably over 9,000 times. I'll be honest. Before Big Black got approved, I've probably played that map 400-500 times getting a 500 combo only once or twice. When it got approved, it took me another 50 tries to get a #1 with ~550 combo. And after VelperK and ExGon acheived their 700~ combo w/ Hidden and SS HRHT record, I honestly felt like giving up. But I didn't. After giving another ~400 tries, I finally pulled off my most famous record of 853 combo on The Big Black. (And another 200~400 to pass with HR)

Velperk and ExGon are truly great players who has talent for these type of things. A lot of people will look down on this and say "This is just a game though, don't take it so seriously". My answer to that is that each person has their own type of talent, and a talent for a specific game is amazing in itself. People online will admire these people for their skills. A great example of such are the people who admire Cookiezi and WhiteWolf. These players skills and talent is what attracts us to them and makes them think they're amazing. Despite this being a game, it connected us, the players, to inspire and improve to be like them.

However, even though talent is one way to be recognized. I believe that putting your utmost effort into doing something is just as, if not more, amazing. People will brag about how they do maps in just a few tries (Example : first play or 3rd try) and whenever I see this, I am not impressed. However, whenever I see a so to speak "new" player playing the same map ~200 times in a row, I am extremely impressed. Sure, talent exist in this game and skills does too. But passing a map with just a few tries just means that it was within your capabilities and there is a solid chance to FC it. And each play will increase that chance. However, playing a map repeatedly and failing is discouraging, and I know that feeling because I am a MASTER at one miss. But having the patience and putting the effort to actually create a higher chance in FC'ing is a quality I find amazing which I believe many other players should have.

I'm by no mean a talented person and I want everyone to know that through work and hard effort (as corny as it may sound), you are able to accomplish something. This is portrayed in a lot anime's, and I don't think people really get that message. But you guys need to learn that anime's are based off morals and ideas, morals and Ideas that are true to many people and put into a exaggerated form. Working hard will not IMMEDIATELY show effects like they do in anime, but it adds to experience which will eventually lead to your succession in what you do. How do you think professional sportsman got to where they're at? They have talent, of course, however they work their asses off everyday to be better at what they do. And this, of course, takes time

"Talent without hard work is Raw Silver. Talent with hard work is gold. The will to work harder than anyone else is a diamond that is worth a million gold."

I've met various types of people and several amazing players during my stay here, and I want to give a special shout-out to each and every one of them.

The old kings (misa, joynama, mikhe, AshChaos, LirsRosso, Fleur-de-lis, Kenji8888, andysun, mingstar, ledzur etc.)-
You guys were my idol. I know that only a few of you still play (Kenji, mikhe and Joynama) but you guys were my goals and I worked hard to be like you guys. Back then, you guys were #1 on every map I had and I strove to be like you guys. You guys were my idols and always the kings of CtB in my mind.

The Current Kings, and my rivals. (ExGon, Spectator, VelperK, CTB_User, Kenji, CLSW, NoteKuroi) :
You guys were the reasons to why I still played. Many of the old records has gone, but many more amazing records has appeared made by you guys. Every day, I wanted to shine as bright as you guys. Whenever someone would mention "pro", you guys would always be somehow connected. I wanted to be there too, to be part of the world of the "Pro's" and my only hope was to get a good #1 and not a top 6. That was finally made true when I got my big black record. You guys were the reasons why I tried so hard to get that #1. I wanted to play at a level that was on par with you guys. You guys are what made me what I am today.
Thank you for playing with me and making those amazing records.

Velperk : Sorry for arguing with you in the past and holding that grudge that lasted ~3 months. Funny because by the time I'm over it, I'm leaving huh? Hope you'll forget about that and imagine all the fun times we had talking and playing :)

ExGon : You're an AMAZING player and I believe that you're going to be a legend in CTB like Cookiezi :) You are my favorite CTB player.

CTB_User : You'll one day get the legendary 900 combo on Big Black. So don't let that #4 get to you and keep trying!

Disease / Sephwin : #1 Fangirl. Nuff said. Lol jk, but Thank you for your support for all this time :)

Xakyrie / Haruka / Makar / Byakugan : You guys are awesome! I've had a blast talking with you guys! Especially you Xak, thanks for your tips and encouragement on Taiko! Have fun with the rest of school. Byakugan : Thanks for always spectating me and asking how many tries it took for me to do a map xD

dkun : SOUTH EAST CHINA CTB TEAM NPNP. Lol! Had the greatest time trolling with you. It's been an honor dkun :)

dxs : Lol, you're a pretty awesome guy and I'm glad I met you. We'll still chat on other services of course so :)

peppy : Thanks for making this awesome game :) You need more recognition for what you do, especially since you don't get paid for what you're doing for the community.

#ctb : Thanks for always bringing me a new challenge and entertaining me when I'm bored :) You guys are awesome and you're all like a family to me.


All of Osu! : Although there has been some bad times, some discrimination, some trolls, some great times, and some pretty average days. There was always something to do here and something that attracted me to this game. Be it playing standard, taiko, ctb, chatting or even simply staring at the world map for 2 hours. There was also something to do. I've grown to like this game and the people that come around here. You guys are what makes up osu, be it for better or worse. Without you guys, even you, the person taking the time to read this, osu! would be that much different. (By THAT much, it could mean nothing, and it could mean everything ;) )

Thanks for this extremely long run of entertainment, osu!. But I think it's time for me to go.

Good Bye everybody

P.s. Congratulations to all those who actually read this far into some random guy's good bye thread. As a reward, "ANIME GURL DANSU TIME!" GOGOGO.
Byes, good luck with the rest of yoru life and good luck staying away from osu! :P

I recall the time the two of us were in multiplayer with a few other past CtB pros, at what seemed like eons ago.

Glad that you recall them.
As a starling like yourself then, I still hold respect for their achievements, gameplay or otherwise, whether beaten or still at the top.

Take care, and all the best.

oh you play ctb

lol ok

You know what I mean Senyo. ;)

Also, enjoy your future, good luck with it.
We'll miss you with your awesome 1 miss runs lol.
No seriously, we in germany say "we see us least twice in a life", maybe we'll do somewhere.
Until then, do your best and take care of yourself :)

Btw I loled about the part about Disease.
I may as well.
don't open the spoiler

the best

I don't forget you.
I think you are one of the best of CTB Player...

Thank you Skyrius. good bye
awww ;W;
Why did I open this spoiler
So long, Senyo.


boat wrote:

don't open the spoiler

It's looo... 8-)
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