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Its very hard for me to FC a map, even easy ones.
Once I reach the middle/end of a song, my hand starts sweating, shaking, and sometimes my finger cant move so I cant press my mouse button.
I have this problem in CSGO also, where my hand starts shaking and I start flicking randomly in stressful situations, just not as extreme as in osu.

Help :<
It's hard for everyone to FC maps. Everyone have sweaty hands and everyone are shaking, even top players.
Watch some top players streaming on twitch, you'll see that, when they're playing out of there confort zone, they're doing shit exactly like us low-skilled players. Play for fun, play maps with relaxing music that you love, enjoy game.
quit overthinking so you get less nervous
Overthinking has nothing to do with it. Nervousness happens subconsciously. As someone who also struggles with nerves, the advice I got which has been pretty helpful is to practice by fcing a lot of easier maps so that you get used to it. Start with short maps, those are WAY easier to FC. Try to stick to AR close to the maps you would normally be playing (e.g. if you are usually at AR 9, don't go below 8). Eventually you will get more comfortable doing this, so you can move to harder and longer songs. This is also really good practice for accuracy.

TBH, for me nerves don't really affect my aim much, but they make it really hard for me to stream I'm not great at streaming in general, but I can usually do 155bpm basically indefinitely with perfect acc, and bursts up to 200bpm. Once I get nervous, I'll start completely mistiming streams, often breaking combo in the process. Unfortunately, I don't really know a way to get better at streaming while my hands are shaking, since the maps in my easy range don't really involve much streaming to practice.
Don't give a fuck about the FC, just play. not knowing when the song ends helps too.
It's normal, it happens to everybody so just don't care about the pp and the Fc
When you can play some more difficult maps,you can get FC on those easy ones.
It's normal to be nervous when fcing a map above your skill.
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