How much time has passed for you to be able to play 4-star maps?

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Because I wanted to know how my progress is.
I play in a situation that is not very good.But that's not what I want to discuss.
I just wanted to do an average to know if I reached the 4 stars quickly or slowly.
I've been playing for a month and a half, so I'm quite pleased to have already reached this.
Sorry to ask such a question, but I'm a little competitive.
(Any typos are the google translate's fault)
I need 8 Hours in total of time play for passing the beatmap. But i need 20 hours in total of time for passing beatmap perfectly
Around 500 hours playtime i think, but it was instantly a near fc (1 shitmiss) 97% accuracy sightread (done in multiplayer).

Anyway i don't care about "passes" anymore, especially since a lot of maps are low HP, we can spam the shit and survive to the end as long as our aim is ok. i'm way more impressed to see a 99% 5* with a couple mistakes, rather than a 90% 6* pass with the hard sections fucked up.
You'll always find people who are faster than you, you'll always find people who are slower than you, keep in mind that being competitive may be toxic to fun.

Juuuuuuuuul wrote:

You'll always find people who are faster than you, you'll always find people who are slower than you, keep in mind that being competitive may be toxic to fun.
I like your attitude, internet person
competitiveness X D
several months
I think the first time I passed a RANKED 4* map was just short of two months in. Took me probably another month to actually be comfortable playing them. I think it really depends on what maps you play though. I just now passed one of the easiest of the 6* farm maps, and there is still at least one 4.4* tech map that's a good bit beyond what I can do. To be honest, I think I'll probably be more proud when I get through the tech map than some random sotarks map on a much higher star rating.
Pouco menos de três meses depois de ter começado a jogar. Eu fui lentamente jogando mapas cada vez mais difíceis (de 2.1 pra 2.2, de 2.2 pra 2.3, e assim por diante), até alcançar 4 estrelas.
Uma coisa que me ajudou na época foi tentar jogar os mapas que eu já conseguia dar FC com HR e/ou HD, pra acostumar com ODs e ARs mais altos.

Quando parei de jogar osu, já conseguia jogar a maioria dos mapas 6 estrelas, e às vezes com HDHR, apesar de não dar FC neles.

Enfim, não se preocupe com a velocidade do seu progresso porque isso depende de pessoa pra pessoa (conheço gente que começou a jogar 5 estrelas após 1 mês de jogo). O meu único conselho é não ficar tentando por muito tempo mapas que ainda são muito difíceis pra você, pois isso pode causar problemas de consistência no futuro. Vá aprendendo novos padrões e aumentando a dificuldade gradativamente, e tudo vai ficar bem ;)
An hour then move to 4s...
I think that gave me a bad habit and stream panic...
around 1 month of real time, around 1,5d of igt
Boi i FC my first 5 star map after 10 months stfu you trash
(I actually made this account in september 2017 but I started playing in may 2018)
But for real, I FCd my first 4 map after around 2 weeks
Almost a year, but that was because I was too nervous to try, and I don't play this constantly.
For a typical farmer that i was, it took about less than a month, but 300+ hours to master those hard to read ones.
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