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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 5:28:39 PM

Artist: IZ*ONE
Title: Violeta
Tags: Kwon Eun-bi 권은비 Choi Ye-na 최예나 Jo Yu-ri 조유리 Sakura Miyawaki 宮脇咲良 미야와키 사쿠라 Kang Hye-won 강혜원 Ahn Yu-jin 안유진 Kim Min-ju 김민주 Nako Yabuki 矢吹奈子 야부키 나코 Hitomi Honda 本田仁美 혼다 히토미 Lee Chae-yeon 이채연 Jang Won-young 장원영 Kim Chae-won 김채원 Heart*Iz izone iz one iz-one
BPM: 115
Filesize: 32621kb
Play Time: 03:15
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.67 stars, 176 notes)
  2. Eunbi (4.71 stars, 644 notes)
  3. Hard (3.6 stars, 560 notes)
  4. Normal (2.19 stars, 282 notes)

Download: IZ*ONE - Violeta
Download: IZ*ONE - Violeta (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
fully playable with hitsounds
Fixed some poorly colored combo colors in normal
Small flow and hitsound fixes in hard
Changed an angle for a smoother rotation transition in Eunbi's part on the second verse in the insane.


Remapped the chorus, verses, bridge, and outro with rotation logic consistent with the changes applied to the insane.

Replaced normal-hitwhistle as it was missing for some reason.


Lots of remapping to accommodate new rotation changes in all the choruses.
Remapping in the reprise for better rotation logic.
Remapping in the intro and first verse for flow and spacing inconsistencies.
Fixed a DS inconsistency in the first prechorus.
Remapping in the bridge for rotation coming out of the new chorus.
Most mods applied, some rejected/reverted after experimentation - I'll be going through the mod page answering these soon.

Fixed a rotation inconsistency in the bridge.

Applied Neonat's mods to Easy
Remapped a lot of Easy - All choruses, both verses, the prechorus, reprise and parts of the intro

The insane is still an older version (this is the version that flake and jacked initially modded). I have an update for this in the works with substantial remapping and their mods integrated but it is not ready yet.

Changed preview point across all diffs.
Fixed a rotational inconsistency in the first chorus in Eunbi.
Removed a redundant slider in the bridge for better rotation in Eunbi.
Fixed a rotational inconsistency at the end of Eunbi.
Fixed an incorrect mute in the bridge in Eunbi.

Fixed hitsound inconsistencies in Eunbi.
Remapped Chaeyeon's part in the second verse for the billionth time in Eunbi.
Added some more rotation to the final build in Eunbi.

Hitsounds across all diffs are mostly finalized.
Touched up volume in some specific differences between difficulties.
Simplified combo colors in Normal.

Volume and mutes mostly done in Hard.
Some remapping on transitions in Hard.
Bridged some gaps in Hard
Fixed a lot of hitsounding inconsistencies in Hard.
Fixed some hitsound inconsistencies in Eunbi.
Volume and hitsounds done in Easy.

Still need to do Normal.

The bulk of the hitsounding is done.
I need to do volume in the lower diffs, and address some migration inconsistencies.
I may switch out some samples.

Easy submitted. (This will likely be the last difficulty I make. I was considering making an extra but I think scaling the same style to higher SR on this song seemed kind of forced.)

I will be remapping some sections across all diffs and addressing flow inconsistencies (particularly in the insane) relatively soon.
Hitsounds after that and then I will start asking for mods.

Hard submitted - Not finalized (some filler in the first choruses)
Remapped parts of the second verse in Eunbi.
Remapped/Adjusted some parts of the reprise in Eunbi.

Added slider track and border colors (tentative until I can check colors on another monitor).
Easy diff, Hitsounds, and more polish to come.

Normal submitted.

Higher res video and BG

Fixed a rhythmic inconsistency in the last chorus.
Remapped a lot of the second verse.
Fixed/Remapped some flow issues in first verse.
Added SV boosts to first prechorus.
Lots of minor changes for flow.
Thank you for making this mapset better

Background Artist: https://twitter.com/renveriouz
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