第二屆 lu^3 Mapping Cup 2019 做圖比賽 預告與歌曲提名

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Hey lululu

介紹 Introduction

  • 歡迎來到第二屆lu^3 Mapping Cup!

    lu^3 Mapping Cup,簡稱LMC,是由Hey lululu舉辦的,osu作圖主題比賽,本屆(第二屆)LMC(LMC2019)的主題為 Alternator (強雙),旨在通過作圖比賽的平台,鼓勵與支持Mapper對強雙圖的創作,為各位Mapper展示自己強雙圖的作品提供平台。
  • Welcome to the 2nd lululu Cup Mapping Contest (LMC 2019)!

    lululu Cup Mapping Contest (LMC) is a theme-based osu!standard mapping contest organized by Hey lululu. In this installment, the theme is "Alternator".
    The objective of LMC is to encourage mappers to contribute unique creations to alternator-style maps as well as provide a platform for mappers to display their excellent skills.

    The LMC Committe would like to express thanks for the support from people especially those who participated in the previous event of LMC 2018.
    The detailed rules and schedules (including prize) of LMC 2019 will be announced at the registration stage.

目前階段:比賽預告、歌曲提名 Current Stage: Songs Nomination

  1. 推薦歌曲:推薦歌曲建議結合本次LMC的主題:強雙。請於本帖下回复推薦的歌曲,需包括歌曲 藝術家(Artist),標題(Title)以及可下載的鏈接地址。
  2. Nomination a song / track for this contest: Please post in this thread with the Artist - Title and a link to the song. It is recommended for the song to be suitable for the theme of LMC 2019 (Alternator)

暫定賽程 Schedule (subject to change)

  1. 03/30~04/06 比賽預告、歌曲提名 Songs Nomination
  2. 04/07~04/21 選曲投票:通過官網以及Discord群進行投票 Songs Vote (via thread and discord)
  3. 04/22~05/31 接受報名,比賽正式開始 Registration and Submission
  4. 06/01~06/21 評委審圖 Judging
  5. 06/22 結果公布 Result Announcement

Discord 服務器 Server

本屆LMC將設立Discord服務器: 若因不可抗力因素無法連接至Discord,請關注論壇,相關信息及通知將同步更新。
Discord: It is recommended to join the discord of LMC to get updates on this contest.

LMC 2019 組委會 Committee

  1. 主辦 Host: Hey lululu
  2. 協辦 Co-Host: Regraz
  3. 評委 Judges: Monstrata bossandy Koiyuki Suzuki_1112 Regou kwk Niva
  4. 贊助 Sponsor: Regraz
  5. Banner: Pyo
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