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Does skill = pp ?

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My questions are simple.

1) Does pp = skill ?

2) What are your thoughts about it ?

3) What does skill mean to you ?
1. No.
2. The fact that -Hex- and LeWind exist sums up my thoughts on it pretty well.
3. The ability to enjoy the game.
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1. No
convert map, ctb map are very different.

2. Systems that need to be fixed continuously

3. The ability to enjoy the game. or The ability can play all of mod to the game.
1) Kinda, I mean there's obviously a difference between a 2 and a 5 digit, but when talking about two people with very close ranks, then not really.
2) People will always complain about the system, because there's always gonna be a way to make it work in your favor.
3) How much you enjoy the game/How much mods you can play with on really hard maps
1. in a way, yes but for a more technical approach no. some persons might find it easier to earn pp by just playing jumpy maps while might find it easier with maps that require a lot of speed or reading skills such as technical maps or even streams

2. I find it as a bit of a understatement. never really cared about those stuff as it relates to pp or skill.

3. your overall consistency when playing. some people might be better at doing streams while other might be better at doing jumps or technical maps. either way it doesn't really matter just enjoy the game if you're not you're just wasting your time.
skill = pp but not pp = skill
1) Depends on what rank u at, it takes skill to farm pp in higher ranks
Especially in Top 30 range

2) There are many kinds of skill in CTB. (For current mapping meta) Farming pp allows you to gain consistency, stamina, speed, and pattern readings. I honestly don't understand why a lot of players say that farming pp is easy lol Nothing is easy to begin with, you just gotten used to it because you played it the most. Doesn't matter if the system is changed, players will get used to it at a certain point and they will whine again. If you look back into 2015, shit like Genryuu is hard, no one can FC except like 3 people, but now almost anyone can FC because we are used to the hyper chains meta.

3) Repetition
1) Quite debatable topic. I definitely think that to farm pp one requires skill. However, having no pp does not mean you have no skill.

2) Using pp as a way to compare people may not be very accurate. Though, it is often a fairly good estimate on the amount of skill someone possesses (which is also why it is sometimes used for seeding in tournaments.) After all, pp is calculated using a formula which is always biased in some way. Finally you also have people who do not farm and thus are underranked.

3) There is quite a variety of skill. Getting that top score on maps by means of spinning, being able to FC converts, mastering all kinds of mods, being a consistent player, or being that one player who FC's maps under insane conditions to get enormous amounts of pp. For me however, performing well in tournaments is the epitome of skill as it requires most of these skills.
You can't compare 2 players by pp, you can compare them by scores and only in case they play the same mods/maps.
However having high pp from top 20ish means you are actually quite skilled at the game imo because from that rank it gets kinda hard to farm
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