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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, June 08, 2019 at 3:51:22 PM

Artist: Ling Yuan yousa
Title: Hoshi to Kimi ga Kieta Hi
Source: 崩坏学园2
Tags: 星与你消失之日 崩壊学園 冷鸟 houkai gakuen mihoyo guns girl school dayz ggz honkai impact theresa apocalypse theme Beng Huai Xue Yuan 德丽莎·阿波卡利斯 テレサ・アポカリプス
BPM: 96
Filesize: 5966kb
Play Time: 03:14
Difficulties Available:
  1. dika's Platter (2.89 stars, 485 notes)
  2. Everlasting Memories (3.98 stars, 496 notes)
  3. Hex's Cup (0 stars, 0 notes)
  4. Salad (0 stars, 0 notes)

Download: Ling Yuan yousa - Hoshi to Kimi ga Kieta Hi
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
#13 Mapset
Those memories will last forever...

I miss the game
Available Difficulties

  1. Cup by -Hex-
  2. Salad by ?
  3. Platter by dika312
  4. Everlasting Memories by me
Timing taken from here and modified by me.

Hitsounded by me.

Please re-download for new .mp3 with better quality if you have downloaded it before April 3, 2019.
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