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[Archived] Osu lags using an AMD GPU.

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My GPU is the AMD Radeon HD 8750M and I am playing on my laptop.

Problem details:

Osu has a very high latency and lags once I set my graphics setting of the GPU on "High Performance", i.e. once I use my AMD GPU for playing Osu. In this mode even scrolling through the options in the menu causes lags. Set on "Power saving" only my onboard GPU is used (being fully occupied) and naturally this takes its toll on the latency and framerates of the game, but the game is playable.

I also tried to start osu in the compability mode: In both modes (power saving i.e. onboard graphics, high performance i.e. amd graphics) the gpu was less occupied and the game ran smoothly (on 60fps), but with an even higher latency.

Tweaks at the ingame options do not help. I guess my GPU uses some options which don't work with Osu. But I dont know which options to change in the Catalyst Control Center.

Does anyone have similiar problems with an AMD GPU?

osu! version: Stable 20190226.2 (latest)
I have a Radeon 530 graphics in my laptop so I have the same issue. A few things I found:
btw, this statistics is enabled pressing Ctrl+F11
All in borderless mode.

I guess there is no solution until AMD will fix that.
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