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Problem details:
My universal offset right now is -70ms, i have no idea why it's so much. I'm currently on Windows Insider build. When I was on the retail release of Windows 10, my offset would always be within 10ms. My audio device is a Focusrite Scarlett and it usually has amazingly low latency (8ms or so). Could windows perhaps be delaying keyboard inputs? (Implement raw input for keyboard maybe)?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: Stable 20190226.2 (latest)
I'm guessing you are setting your Universal Offset to compensate audio lag (if you do that, it is recommended to disable hitsounds).

The Focusrite Scarlett is designed to work with ASIO for Windows (which the game doesn't support natively), using another driver protocol will give higher audio delay. In general, USB audio interfaces have higher audio delay than the audio device within the PC's motherboard.

How does the audio delay compare when you don't use the Focusrite Scarlett?
I just posted in another thread where I saw a similar issue. I’m a new player so thought my poor play was due to lack of skill/practice, but I finally realized my Scarlett 2i2 was causing tons of audio lag that was messing me up. Switching to headphones plugged directly in or even my gpu’s sound fixed the lag issue. But I’d really like to find a fix for using the Focusrite.
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