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Hey! If you want me to mod your map, read through the rules and post in the thread.

Status: OPEN

Rules / preferences
  1. Prefer more "Unconventional" maps but am open to anything
  2. Nothing longer than 5 min 30 sec
  3. Prefer helping out newer mappers (As I myself am not crazy experienced)
  4. Electronic music and Japanese vocals are a plus
  5. Please specify the difficulty you want me to mod (I might mod other diffs if I get bored, but no promises)

5 slots open, I will get to them when I have time, hopefully within a day of you posting, and no longer than a week.

M4M has higher priority, I will try my hardest to get these done in 1/2 days.
I will mod your map first, and then let you know when I'm done.
As long as I have a map that needs mods, this will be open
Current M4M:

Song Name - Artist:
Difficulty name:
Star Rating:
Mp Link:

Note: I am still a new mapper, so I will try to do my best, but can't promise anything
Type: NM
Song Name - Artist: Mega Man Battle Network Main Theme - Akari Kaida
Difficulty name: Normal and Hard (i'd prefer a mod of the latter)
Star Rating: 2.98 (Hard)
Length: 0:45
Song Name - Artist: DNCE - Cake by the Ocean
Difficulty name: New map so any diff that you're comfortable modding!
Star Rating: 1.46 ~ 6.16
Length: 3:33

Thank you~

Song Name - Artist: PTV - Dive In
Difficulty name: Manquito's Extra but any diff fine
Star Rating: 2.06 ~ 6.02
Length: 2:09

Song Name - Artist: Rubik's Cube - Nanahoshi Kangengakudan feat. Hatsune Miku
Difficulty name: Expert
Star Rating: 6,64
Length: 3:13
NM, thx
- Falkion -
Song Name - Artist: Sewer Surfin' - Kozo Nakamura
Difficulty name: Surfin
Star Rating: 5.88*
Length: 0:47
Mp Link:

Song Name - Artist: True Impact - Halozy
Difficulty name: Lunatic
Star Rating: 5,83
Length: 3:57
Mp Link:

Song Name - Artist: Wildfire - Mimic Vat
Difficulty name: HI-TECH
Star Rating: 6.75
Length: 01:55
Mp Link:
Hi,i have 2 maps what would like to improve,you can choose one of them or if you want to help with both

Song Name - Artist: I'll Fight Back-Sullivan King
Difficulty name: Resistance
Star Rating: 5,37
Length: 4:08
Mp Link:

Song Name - Artist: Sky Fracture-Getsix
Difficulty name: Skystrike
Star Rating: 6,45
Length: 5:09
Mp Link:

Nm or m4m no difference for me
NM, this is my first serious attempt at mapping, any feedback would be appreciated!
Song Name - Artist: Sentimental Crisis - halca
Difficulty name: How cute
Star Rating: 5.44
Length: 03:01
222 bpm Electronic music btw
Song Name - Artist: Finixe - Silentroom
Difficulty name: Air
Star Rating: 6.96
Length: 2:32
Mp Link:
Song Name - Artist: Shinzou Democracy - MikitoP feat. 96Neko
Difficulty name: Insane (any diff you feel like tbh)
Star Rating: 4.85
Length: 3:33
Mp Link:

nm thanks!

Song Name - Artist: Kimi no Sei - the peggies
Difficulty name: Hard
Star Rating: 3.32
Length: 1:29
Mp Link:

note: not complete mapset, only practicing making a hard difficulty

Hello :)

NM please

Song Name - Artist: Unlimited Katharsis - Reku Mochizuki
Difficulty name: Dementation's Extra
Star Rating: 5,73
Length: 1:57
Mp Link:
Hi! M4M req

Song Name - Artist: Polargeist-Step
Difficulty name: Harder
Star Rating: 3.84
Length: 1:30
Mp Link:

i'll mod about the same drain time as you do
thanks in advance
NM request
Song Name - Artist: Final Battle - Waterflame
Difficulty name: Hard
Star Rating: 3.00
Length: 5:12
Mp Link:
Topic Starter
NM requests closed
M4M still open
Song Name - Artist: Escape
Jaroslav Beck (ft. Summer Haze)
Difficulty name: am extreme may be
Star Rating: 5.97
Length: 1,2
Mp Link:
okey go m4m
Song Name - Artist: anima - xi
Difficulty name: eleven dimensions
Star Rating: 7.4*
Length: 4:23
Mp Link:

willing to m4m
Song Name - Artist: Black Raison d'etre - INSIDE IDENTITY
Difficulty name: Kindness - normal - hard
Star Rating: 5.82
Length: 1:30
Mp Link:

I really need mods, tell me once ur finished and I'll mod back
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