osu! Random Mapping World Plate #1

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Contest organised randomly by - Monstrata
With the help from lcfc, RadicalMemes, anime girl, Donald J Trump, Naruto Uzumaki, chikatto chika chika, Bob Ross and my mom

Welcome to the osu! Random Mapping World Plate #1 contest!
This post is the official post for the contest, any updates or changes will be posted here!

Current Stage: RNG Time!

Join our Discord server!

The Ambassador Applications close on a random, undetermined date after this post.

The Team Member Pick up phase begins at a randomly decided time after this post, and will end at a random time.

The Mapping Phase will begin at a random time somewhere in the future.

Please read everything below to familiarize yourself with the contest.


1. The osu!Standard Ranking Criteria and General Ranking Criteria may be in effect for this contest - The winning prize of the contest includes submitting the winning teams entries, which will be the randomly selected songs submitted by the team of mappers, we cannot do that if you don't obey the rules of osu!. Any required difficulties to fulfill the requirements of the ranking criteria will be supplied by the Random Map Generator Team.

2. A random number of members per team is required - The main concept of the contest is to show off each countries mapping possibilities. This means that collaboration will be a necessary concept between the team members.

3. At least half of the mappers will have to collaborate PER SONG & each mapper will have to map at least a random percentage of the TOTAL DRAIN TIME for all songs combined - The main objective of this contest is to test each country in their ability to map and collaborate by using a variety of different song genres. How you organize the drain time beyond the required threshold is completely up to you.

4. Copying other people’s work is strictly prohibited - The whole point of the contest is to test each countries ability as a whole, therefore by copying others peoples work you’re not truthfully showing off what your country is capable of. If we, or the judges, find out work has been copied, your entire team will be disqualified.

5. Sharing or asking for external help for your mapset before the set deadline ends, is strictly prohibited - Doing so will automatically disqualify your team.

6. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline - Everybody will have a random amount of time to map the set so it will ultimately become really unfair if somebody had more time than the others, therefore any maps submitted after the deadline will be disqualified.

7. Custom hitsounds are allowed, but none will be provided - You are allowed, and even encouraged, to use custom hitsounds. Make sure they don’t overlap with your other difficulties, though. How you will organize them will be up to you.

8. Changing the mp3 or timing of the .osz is prohibited - Name speaks for itself, reason for that is to avoid any complications during the judging process since you will be submitting .osu rather than .osz.

9. Storyboards are allowed, however they will not be taken into account during the judging process - Title speaks for itself, this is not a storyboarding contest.

Q : What is this contest?
A : The osu!RMWP is a standard mode contest where several countries compete against each other to show off their country’s luck. Each team will be randomly selected by a Team Ambassador, comprised of a random number of members, including the Team Ambassador.

Q : How does this contest work?
A : You will be tasked to work on a random number of different songs, each will be random musical genres. You and your team have to work on the songs as a collaboration difficulty.When your team is done mapping, your Team Ambassador will send the entry as a PM to Monstrata. Your entries will then be judged, and results will be announced on a Twitch livestream randomly. (Don't miss it, we won't save the vod).

Q : What will be the songs?
A : The songs will be revealed randomly on a random Discord Server.

Q : What is a “Team Ambassador”?
A : The Team Ambassadors are “country captains” who are randomly chosen by the staff team from the Team Ambassador Submissions.

Q : What if my country doesn’t have a Team Ambassador?
A : That's a damn shame.

Q : Can I have my own team for my country even if it already has one?
A: Yes. A country may have a random number of ambassadors.

Q : Do I have to join the Discord server to participate?
A : Only the Team Ambassador is required to join the Discord server. The team members however are free to join or not. Although not joining will result in you missing out on important announcements and a private country text channel which will be ONLY available on the discord server.

Q : Can I join the Discord server even if I don’t want to participate in the contest?
A : Yes. There is a public link at the top of the forum post. Upon joining, you’ll be in the #arrival channel, where you will have to post your osu! profile link, and then a member of the staff/moderator will accept you.

Q : Can I make a Mania/Taiko/CTB map?
A : Sure, why not?

Q : I’m restricted, can I still participate?
A : Sure, why not?

Q : I am from Singapore but I have the Russian flag, can I belong to Singapore team?
A : Sure, why not?

Q : Will this event be broadcasted on Twitch?
A : Yes! But don't miss it, because we won't save the vod!
Hello fellow mappers!

After the recent osu! Mapping World Cup tournament we (the organisers) realised that there wasn't really an opportunity for mappers to participate in something similar. So we bring to you the osu! Random Mapping World Plate #1, which will test your country's luck!

Since this is a newly formed contest let me do a quick run down of how things are going to work.

  1. Register as a Contestant through the Discord servers #arrival text channel. Joining the server will allow you to stay up to date with any news regarding the contest (all new information will be posted in the server). Applying as a contestant makes it possible for Team Ambassadors to pick you up during the Team pick up phase.
  2. Optionally you can register as a Team Ambassador through this link here to represent your country. This will allow you to pick up Contestants during the pick up phase. Keep in mind that you have to be a experienced mapper/modder to apply for this role.
  3. The base .osz file will be released at a random time. The link to the .osz will be randomly given to contestants.
  4. From the moment the contest begins the contestants have a random amount of weeks to map all randomly selected songs provided upon release. Each song must include a random amount of collaborated difficulty.
  5. The songs will be randomly chosen from my iTunes playlist.
  6. The number of songs will be determined through RNG.
  7. Once the contestants finish mapping, they should submit their individual .osu files & any files relating to their entry i.e. hitsounds/storyboards to Monstrata via osu! PM's.
  8. After a random amount of time, the contest will end, and no more entries will be accepted and any that are submitted past the deadline will be automatically disqualified. Judges then will be given random .osz sets and in the following weeks they will give the entries random scores out of 100.
  9. Once the judging period has concluded, Results will be compiled & released at random.

    Please Note: If any changes occur to your teams status, e.g. one of your team members cannot participate because of such and such reason or a person joined your team after the application was sent. Please report this to Monstrata! Logs of every team registered are kept on a private document, but as you may know sometimes things may happen between people and this information doesn't reach the staff, so please let Monstrata know whenever something changes.

  1. 1st Place - A random number of months of osu! supporter to each team member in the winning team. The winning mapset gets pushed to the pending section randomly. There will also be a profile badge awarded to a random member of the team.
  2. 2nd Place - The title of good but not the best.
  3. 3rd Place - An honorary subscription to The illuminati.
    Prizes are subject to randomly change

Please follow this link to register for the osu! Mapping World Cup contest as a Contestant: here.
Once you have joined please follow the instructions provided in the channel description. If you wish just to join the server just to see what's going on, just state in #arrival that you want to be a Spectator.

Please follow this link to register for the Team Ambassador role: here

• Judges which have been elected for this contest are:
  1. We will randomly select a random number of judges from a pool of anyone with a ranked map.[/b]

• Here is the reserve Judges list :

  1. We will randomly select anyone with access to the internet.

    The elected judges will be randomly selected by the organizers.

Important information
  1. View the Contest Rules here
  2. View the Judging Criteria here

If you have any questions regarding this contest, please do not hesitate to ask any of the organisers or anybody on #general We're always online on discord and always happy to help.
Finally, a mapping contest that's worth entering! :)
I don't understand, how is this different to normal mapping contests
holy poggers
random reply
i'm not a random please don't bully
They don’t know PepeLaugh
isn't this just a normal mapping contest
2nd prize : achievement and happiness that you won 2nd place
cubby is gay btw
i participate
More Random than bloom in fortnite
Damn this contest sounds amazing for my dog. We will be real proud if he can somehow win it.
my god monstrata
I'm in

Melwoine wrote:

They don’t know PepeLaugh
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