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Problem details: My score won't be saved :( I have had this issue for quite some time but this has started to bug me because I finally got a "S" (I'm not good) and it's still just "A".

Video or screenshot showing the problem: How do I post an image?

osu! version: Stable 20190226.2 (latest)
Your S isn't your top score so it doesn't count for pp. You have to beat that score in order for pp to be counted and for it to show your S when selecting a song.

Allburn wrote:

How do I post an image?
You can take a screenshot in-game and automatically upload it using the shortcut Shift + F12. You can then either post the link to the screenshot here, or you can use some BBcode to embed it, like this:
Yeah I've got one now https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/12871731
You have an A rank play that is a higher score than that particular S rank.

Your highest score on that map is 1,397,740 points, while the play in your screenshot is only 406,080 points. Your score determines the grade that will be displayed in-game.
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