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Hello, and welcome to my modding queue!

"What the hell is this?"
A modding queue.

"Is there a length limit?"
Sort of. 15 minutes is the limit.

"How do I request a mod?"
Follow the rules provided for the specific Mod that you want.

"When can I expect your mod?"
It depends on how busy I am in real life, but I will try to do it as fast as possible!

"Do you have any specific music preferences?"
My picks will be determined by if I like the song or not. Preferred genres are usually EDM, Doujin Music specifically.

"How many beatmaps can I request for a mod?"
You can request only one beatmap per mapper. It has to be made by you when requesting. (GDs for other sets are an exception, but I'll mod ONLY your GDs).

NM - Highest priority as of the 9th of March
- I will mod it depending on if I like the song or not
- You get to post only one map
M4M - Not open right now, as I don't have anything that I want modded
- Just request a NM instead

Let 'em come!
(Don't expect me to do to all of the requests)
NM Request

Aika - the florist


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