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hola bro me ayudas con un modsito pls
nmura top diff only please, willing to m4m, pokemon diamond as its my childhood game
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lets go

if you proove me you're a promissing mapper you get two mods

ill pick 2 maps this time
Hi, can you mod mine?
Title: Crystal Cave
Artist: Panda Eyes
Genre: Drumstep
Length: 5:55
- It adds new content to the game
- It's completed
- It's hitsounded
- It's rythmic what means it's ideal for Osu!
- And I put my whole heart in this project so I hope you'll at least partialy enjoy it XD.
And my favorite game is Osu! because i like clicking circles to beat :P
Hey NM please
Its pretty rhytmic and relaxing, so I love it.
Also its lenght is perfect to not get tired & the
diffs are ready to rumble
I like The Forest cuz it's creepy and pretty fun to play with friends
Hi,NM Queue Please
Diffs: Hard, Me
I'm not that experienced to be honest, but I think this map is at least a little interesting.
I like Shadowverse, CCG is always attractive to me.
hi nm please this is my first map ever i believe its not that bad but i would love to get feedback from someone experienced

my favorite games are osu and league of legends

NM pls~


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorer of the sky
Recommend the game that made me burst into tears to everyone.
nm req

fav game right now is probably Dota2. I don't even know why I like it lmfao
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i'll pick later

Picks: Amazing map, i'm really interested on this one I tried looking at this but... it didn't even let me open it ;w;
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