NEVlR's std BN Queue [CLOSED]

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Paloch VeGa
Hi, this map pls

Paloch VeGa wrote:

  1. Song title: メルト Melt 10th ANNIVERSARY MIX
  2. Difficulty: Melted at First Sight (5.01) just only one marathon tho :D
  3. Song Artist: ryo (supercell) x Yanaginagi
  4. BPM: mostly 170, but the intro and outro contains a lot of red lines XD sure this is not simple BPM ;_; but would female vocal make it up for this?
  5. Map link:

Dubturt idk if you'll accept cause you accepted last req but ill try
Sakurauchi Riko
I'm confident enough that my map doesn't need much modding necessarily. Convince yourself ;)
Anime love live full version

Thank you!!
Toki Toyosaki
i suppose i'll try
could use a bn for this
DeRandom Otaku
have 2nd bn
Thank you
Serizawa Haruki
Hewo :3c
I have 2 bubbled maps (1st BN is full on both maps)
I'd appreciate a mod/check on one of them, thanks
Time Capsule
Sakurauchi Riko
Oh wait, forget my earlier post lol. I have a map with one full BN already instead, sryyy

Its graved since im searching for so long already, will revive once i found someone. As been said, have a full bn for it already
any of these would be nice~

Volatile Mood

If you manage to get round to seeing it, it would be a huge help
Topic Starter

Will select & send PMs tomorrow
Topic Starter
Probation review seems dead so I might aswell look for more requests

Open, read rules before posting
brave jewel :3c
Nelliel its been an hour an no one posted :blobsweat:
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