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I've been mapping nearly daily for about a year now, and submitted ~20 beatmaps (only 3 of which i've tried to get ranked) and still everything I do isnt good, no matter how much i study and practice. So is 1 year still a short time? How long did it take you to make something proper as a mapper? I'm really losing motivation at this point.
I'm not exactly much more experienced than you but I guess I can give some advice.

For me, making something proper or advancing as a mapper is really subjective and is a very personal matter. You need to really ask yourself if you like what you're making and stuff.

Um if you want to rank maps I'd suggest you go into the social game. Try going in discord servers and talk to people. You might be able to make some friends that know BNs or something and have a easier way to rank. Getting good mapping friends is also a way to gauge your improvement, since you can ask for more personal advice from them, and not impersonal mods on the modding discussions page.

I think 1 year is a pretty long time for mapping since I only have 6-8 months of mapping experience myself.

Well, lastly, good luck and have fun mapping!

Edit: Uhh I see that Refaller is helping you with your map so maybe you can tell him your worries and get him/her to teach you
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