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Hello! This post outlines changes to the Mappers’ Guild going forward.

The Mappers’ Guild over the last year has served as a way to generate content for osu!’s featured artists. We’ve done this through gathering a small group of mappers and creating promotional beatmap packs. While the goal of the Mappers’ Guild will stay the same, the way it functions will be different from today forward:

The Mappers’ Guild will be closer to an actual guild.


Invite-based admissions are replaced by automated applications.

Membership will be granted to anyone who signs up and has three ranked mapsets, regardless of game-mode and not including guest difficulties. "Three" was chosen as the cutoff because it proves that a mapper is experienced with creating acceptable maps and pushing them towards the Ranked section, both of which are necessary for involvement in the Mappers' Guild.

Any mapper can sign up at the Mappers' Guild website: By authenticating your osu! account with the website, your total ranked maps will be checked and if you meet the requirements, you'll be redirected to the main portion of the site. The info in this post and much more can be found on the site too!

Communication for members of the Mappers' Guild will happen on the osu!dev Discord server in the #mappers-guild channel.

So far, the Mappers' Guild has released beatmaps in two ways:
  1. deadline-based beatmap packs focused on specific artists/themes
  2. various unrelated beatmaps without strict deadlines
These will both continue, but because the Mappers' Guild will have many more members, we've implemented a way for smaller groups of mappers (parties) to work together on deadline-based beatmap packs (quests).


Quests reward mappers for following certain requirements when creating their featured artist beatmaps.

compact view:

extended info view:

In the example quest above, a group of 4-8 mappers can band together to create at least 4 mapsets for tieff's songs and rank them within about 3 months (90 days, in this case).

If a party accepts and completes the quest according to its rules, each party member will be rewarded point bonuses. If a party drops the quest or members leave the party before the quest is completed, they will receive a small points penalty. That said, it's important to organize a party of people you can trust before taking on a quest! If you don't like working with others or you dislike deadlines, you can still participate in the Mappers' Guild without running quests.

Read more about quests here.


Parties are groups of mappers who register to complete quests together. Mappers may join one party at a time and each party may undertake one quest at a time.

Special quests require higher ranks to participate in. For a party to qualify as a higher rank, at least half of its members must be the required user rank or higher. (ranks explained below)

Read more about parties here.

Those familiar with the Mappers' Guild already are likely aware of how rewards are handled. These are largely unchanged, but points values have been adjusted to compensate for automated membership and to encourage quest participation.


Points are earned through a few different Mappers' Guild activities. These correlate to a user's rank at certain points thresholds.
  1. Mapping Easy difficulty: 5 points (+2 if attached to quest)
  2. Mapping Normal difficulty: 6 (+2)
  3. Mapping Hard difficulty: 7 (+2)
  4. Mapping Insane difficulty: 8 (+2)
  5. Mapping Expert difficulty: 8 (+2)
  6. Hosting mapset: 5
  7. Modding mapset: 1
  8. Creating storyboard: 10 (+2)
  9. Completing a quest: variable

Collab difficulties split points evenly between users. Aside from the last task, points are rewarded upon a map reaching Ranked status.


Rank 0 is a where a new Mappers’ Guild member begins. They have access to rank 0 quests and may earn rewards for mapping songs from published featured artists.

Rank 1 is earned when a mapper passes a 100 point threshold. They will earn a rank 1 profile badge and gain access to special quests.

Rank 2 is earned when a mapper passes a 250 point threshold. They will earn a rank 2 profile badge.

Rank 3 is earned when a mapper passes a 500 point threshold. They will earn a rank 3 profile badge, signifying that they have spent way more time creating featured artist content than anyone reasonably should.


Maps created through the Mappers’ Guild will be used in medals. (see your userpage for existing Mappers' Guild medals!)

Most quests will have their own themed medal, while other unrelated mapsets will be grouped under a general Mappers’ Guild medal. Special quests involving unannounced featured artists may be used as promotional material when applicable.

Read more about rewards here.

Once again, you can join the Mappers' Guild by authenticating your account on our website and communicating in the osu!dev Discord server. Check out the Mappers' Guild FAQ for more info.

Thanks for reading!
hi trynna
Ryuusei Aika

schoolboy wrote:

hi trynna
Your reply contains only a quote.
Nao Tomori
why farm pp when you can farm mappers guild points.....................
i cant open site wtf
edit: nvm
I like this new rpg game
is osu a new rpg game?
Djulus owo
time to map EN set to make 3 ranked map
This looks interesting 👀
seems like fun
Well, this is a surprise.....kinda

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seems like fun
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some updates to the site after lots of day 1 traffic:


- mode can be selected from create map menu
- character limit for user invites changed (just for nardo really)

- party kick notification shows correct user
- max member count shows correct error
- users can join a party for the first week after a quest is accepted (only via invites though)

until i can think of a more elegant way to do it

pishifat wrote:

- character limit for user invites changed (just for nardo really)
Thank you so much, pishi o7
Wow what, feels like we're in some kind of anime mmorpg lol
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a few more site changes:

- able to search modes in map listing ("osu", "taiko", "catch", and "mania" are the keywords. "noquest" can be added to see maps without a quest)

- leniency added for leaving a party while it's running a quest (you won't lose points for the first 7 days, unless leaving causes the quest to be dropped)
- parties can set primary mode and listing can sort by mode (o/t/c/m)

- balanced display of wip/open quests
- party modes display beside wip quests (easier to tell when you can claim a quest hopefully)

- points scale based on a song's length now (shorter song = less, longer song = more, midpoint near 2.5 minutes, storyboard stuff still wip)
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short updates list, but big effects:

- improvements to search/filtering
- qualified maps are separated from pending maps
- hybrid mapsets now supported

- mode-specific points (which allows mode-specific user ranking)
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