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Hello everyone,
I have a specific problem that i didnt have before.
My tablet arm gets numb when playing a map after being 1 minute in to the map, happened recently, about 1 month ago.
To fix this while playing a map, i have to get my arm up in the air while aiming, sometimes i will PROBABLY SLIDERBREAK, sometimes i wont fail and i can continue the map.
makes it difficult to actually play maps since most of them are 1:30 min.
Any help?
Tablet area:https://gyazo.com/4a35638b5ef8b04d1042f978e8c50216
Sensitivity: 4.45
play longer maps
I suggest that you play more. Maybe try some longer maps. Though you should probably know that it will most likely take some time before you can play for a longer time, without feeling numb.
Adjust your chair, desk, tablet and arm positioning as to avoid putting pressure on your ulnar nerve near your elbow while playing.
See doctor for actual help
Add pillow to arm, works most of the time
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