Formal & Simple v3.0 [Standard] (HD) [Updated: 03/08/19]

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Martinawa Hatsuhi

This skin is a skin thought for making the gameplay more confortable (little score hits, some elements deleted, transparent hitcircles for better streaming, etc.). I use it myself for playing osu! so it aims to be comfortable to the player.


:arrow:No numbers: Changes the hitcircle numbers by the geometrical shapes thematical to the skin.

WARNING: This skin is made to be played with dimmed backgrounds. Dims lower than 75% can affect the visibility of some elements, specially in bright backgrounds.


Screenshots (Most recent: v3.0)


16/06/12: v1.0 released
04/08/12: Updated to v1.1: Adds Nightcore mod icon, new sliderstyle, and two alternative versions, WO300 (Without 300) and BC (Bigger Cursor)
18/08/12: Updated to v1.2: Adds Perfect mod icon, new combo colors, and in the normal version and BC version, 300 are now slightly translucid.
09/11/12: Updated to v1.4: Fixes scorebar, osu!mania skin (still in progress) and WO300-BC version (WO300 and BC mixed together)
21/02/13: Updated to v1.5: Changed hitcircle-overlay.png in order to make the whole hitcircle look bigger. Adds Fade In mod icon.
27/06/13: Updated to v1.6: Adds support for 16:9 window/screen and latest osu! updates (selection-mode, random mod). osu!mania skin discontinuated and deleted.
08/08/13: Updated to v1.7: Changed hitburst design. Changed hitcircle-overlay.png in order to make the hitcircle even bigger and more confortable to the eye.
09/09/13: Updated to v2.0: Major fixes and updates, watch to the 2.0 update post to see all of them.
26/09/13: Updated to v2.1: Changed menu-buttom-background a little bit. Added newly skinned elements.
16/12/13: Updated to v2.11: Added snow.
05/02/14: Updated to v2.2: Skinned all the elements at 2x, making the full skin HD. Readded the pink band in the hitcircle overlay. Changed the random button from "Random" to "Rnd". Changed slider's 10 and 30 icons. Full change of the Big Cursor.
11/05/14: Updated to v2.3: Fixed some things, basically the slider border color in WO300 versions and the Big Cursor, which wasn't centered. Added Cinema mod icon.
24/03/15: Updated to v3.0: Adaptation to new osu! skin behavior. New spinner, new hitcircles, and now sliders are black. Small changes in cursor and new backgrounds.
03/08/19: Updated to v3.1: Reuploaded skin (broken DL link). Changes in skin: Bigger hitcircle numbers, new and easier to read slider ball, and update to mod icons.
Kanye West
I replaced the 300's with invisible ones and it plays fairly well. Not bad!
I think the bars for the map difficulties are a bit confusing, but otherwise nice.
This skin is very nice. Its very simple (as the name implies) and works well. Although, the cursor is a bit small. I prefer a bigger cursor that is more easily noticeable. But other then that, you did a very nice job making this skin.
i like the mod icons
Look's beter than paint.
Very nice.
Kanye West

Kurisuchianu wrote:

Look's beter than paint.
Lol, that's not saying very much.
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to the v1.1. I've added the Nightcore mod icon, which makes the skin complete. I changed the slider style to the plain one (I think it fits better with the skin itself), and I added two variants of the skin, the WO300, which it has hidden/invisible/transparent 300s, and the BC, that has got a bigger cursor for those who prefer it.
-osu!Skin REVIEW-

all elements matched the theme... :)(+5)
ranking panel is contrasting to the eye... just so weird but looks nice... :D(+5)

try to add a lil' bit more shapes if you want
*this is a suggestion. it's free. take it or leave it. it's up to you.*


SCORE: 10/10
Suddenly, this became my new favorite skin. Many thanks :D
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to v1.2. It includes some minor (but necessary) updates. The first one is the Perfect Mod icon (which it will be a red "SS", which it will be more guessable than a weird "PF" or "PT"). The second one is a slight change to the main combo colors, which now, with the Fun Spoiler feature, are shown when the skin is disabled, thing that doesn't happen deleting the beatmap's skin directly, so I thought they should look more accordingly to the whole skin now that are more easily visible. The last one, only noticeable in the normal and BC version is that now all the 300s (Geki and Katu too) are a bit translucid in order to make more visible and noticeable 100s and 50s (and misses too). As a bonus, all the versions are downloadable now as .osk files, so you don't have to extract them into the osu! folder, the computer will do that for you :).
Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

Too much Red though, could use more Blue (or make a Blue version of it?)
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to v1.4. I fixed an error between the scorebar-bg and the scorebar-colour which made that the second one was shorter than the first one. As major updates, I added a osu!mania skin, which isn't complete yet and probably will be completed in next versions of the skin. I added a new version of the skin (I hope it will be the last one) which is the WO300-BC. It has the features of WO300 and BC together. Of course, added the new mod icons (4k-5k-6k-7k-8k)
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to v1.5. I decided to change the hitcircle-overlay and made it thinner than before, because it happened that with the former image, hitcircles looked to be smaller than they actually are, so I made that change that should be more confortable when playing. I also added the Fade In mod icon for osu!mania (as always a new mod is released). osu!mania skin has not progressed yet but it will have. Not HD. I'm not planning it, by the moment. Maybe in the next days or in the next update I'll upload new screenshots of the skin because of the noticeable changes in the skin since the release of v1.0
Wow, this skin's really gorgeous. There were a few things which bugged me slightly, but the whole thing felt really clean and tight.

Things which bugged me:

It's not necessarily the cursor size, but the colour of it. It blends a little bit with the sliderarrows, so for the small cursor, you could make it glow a different colour or something.

The circle and slider borders seem a bit stark to me--perhaps the hitcircle overlay could be a bit narrower or you could just keep the borders white. I think that'd look a bit cleaner.

I think that the reverse arrow could be either more pronounced in shape or that it should merely be changed to a normal, barbed arrow. I guess that it looks a bit strange to have such a flat chevron, even though it's using the shallow angles which are thematic of the skin.

Also, you'll probably have to update the spinner, not to mention other elements, if you want everything to play nice with the new skinning features. If nothing else, include double-sized elements for hi-res use. Also, the SS graphic looks a bit fruity, so I think that it'd be good to use some shading to make it look a bit clearer.

Either way, the skin's lovely and it's pretty much what I'm looking for. I bet that it'd be really satisfying with larger (disc-shaped) hitbursts as well.
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to v1.6. This version is a fix of a lot of things that changed in osu's skin design since I released the v1.5, along with some new things. Now the selection-mode is included, with all its modes, and I've included the Random mod icon for osu!mania. I also made all the big elements compatible with widescreen. The playfield, the ranking panel (now made translucid in order to see the map background), the fail and pause background are all now suitable for them (no strange behaviour anymore).

I also decided to discontinue the osu!mania skin and delete it from the skin folder, because of mainly two reasons. The first one, I don't play osu!mania much enough to know how the elements should be to make them confortable to an exprerienced player. The second, that from now I want to focus in a v2.0 update, which will include some of the new skinning features (cursor trail path, particles, 2k) and a fully redone skin, with most of its elements optimized to look better altogether. So I will read and consider every suggestion you can make about any element of the skin you want.
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Martinawa Hatsuhi
Updated to v1.7. This version includes a few but important graphical fixes and improvements. The most important of all is the change on hitbursts, which change their shape (they become a white-bordered colored circle with the value inside, in white too) and their color (which will be the new default's skin color code: Blue for 300, green for 100 and orange for 50). Now geki's and katu's are not distinguished by normal hits with an exclamation sign (300 for normal hits, 300! for geki and katu), but they only differ from the normal hits from a slight change on circle color. I personally don't mind that much about geki and katu, but that is only my opinion. Also, made misses way more visible than before.

The second update changes again the hitcircle-overlay, which won't have that pink/light red ring anymore, in order to make the hitcircle cleaner and bigger to the eye. Also changed the slider border color to white because of the change in the hitcircle. I know that the transparency in the hitcircle makes a weird effect on the circle which creates a second, thicker light band around the circle. I really don't mind about that and I will keep it as an element of the skin.

About the v2.0 thing, I think that this will be a long-time project, because redoing my skin will be a long work. I am not fully dedicated at this skin progress, and this would take as much time as doing my skin from the beginning to the end (so it is, many months), so don't expect anything in the near future. New ideas for the skin will be added as new 1.x updates until the skin will be redone.
selection-mod-easy.png how about changing it from EZ instead of EA?
selection-mod-autoplay how about changing it from AU to AP
maybe make the glow around SH and XH a bit darker?

deadbeat wrote:

selection-mod-easy.png how about changing it from EZ instead of EA?
selection-mod-autoplay how about changing it from AU to AP
I remember this naming
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Martinawa Hatsuhi

deadbeat wrote:

selection-mod-easy.png how about changing it from EZ instead of EA? I'll suppose EZ is the 2-letter standard for Easy, if it is, I'll change it
selection-mod-autoplay how about changing it from AU to AP I have a problem with this: AP is now AutoPilot in the skin, so I can't change it. I decided to make Autoplay AU when I made the skin because Autoplay is more auto than AutoPilot. If there are different 2-letter standards for them let me know and I'll likely change them.
maybe make the glow around SH and XH a bit darker? If you are talking about the border around the letters, all the borders in all the letters are the same color, so I won't change it. What I can maybechange is the color in the letters to make them a bit darker, but I don't know if you are really talking about that.
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