Need help buying a Tablet Cover (XP-Pen G430)

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Hey everyone, as you have read, I'm looking for a tablet cover for my XP-Pen G430.

I currently drag on my XP-Pen tablet, around a year ago I've decided to put a plastic cover on top of it (taped) and I've stuck with it to this date.
I'm looking to buy a tablet cover for my XP-Pen G430, since the plastic tablet cover looks extremely ugly and I can't bear with it anymore, I would like to buy a tablet cover for it.

I was wondering if anyone know where I can purchase a high quality tablet cover, I would personally prefer a glass one (or anything that is equivalent) that is exact size with my tablet and won't damage my pen. Price and Durability are keys.

I would highly appreciate if anyone here can recommend me a site/online shop where I can purchase one for my XP-Pen G430, thanks.

For those of you who need my tablet, here's the amazon link:
they arent glass (ive never heard of a glass tablet cover, do those exist?) but the quality is good and they are durable if you drag you might need to get more nibs though
you can customize it too
theres another website where you can get them for cheaper but i forgot what it is
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Hmm, I wasn't sure if glass existed, so that's why I mentioned "equivalent"

I searched up, but they didn't specify or choose the tablet material they will be making your cover out of. Does anyone here have or purchased any tablet covers from foxbox? I just need to quality-check before I dig more into it.

Also, what's the best tablet cover material? I just want something that is frictionless
if you click on the tablet covers tab on the website it says that it gets made from OEM canon adhesive-backed vinyl with a polycarbonate laminate finish

I also found the other website I forgot
they also use vinyl and can get a glossy cover which I think would probably match more of what you want, I can’t vouch for the quality of these covers though since ive never used one
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