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i'm back from a hiatus. i'm gonna be inactive from osu for a time for personal reasons. i'm going back to playing gd because of a private server. i'm wondering about how the community has been since i've been gone. i'm not gonna be here in osu for much. it's not that osu is boring or anything, it's just that i've moved on, i'm slowly growing on instagram, i made new friends, and i'm in a different community now.

Oh hi, Atus.

Heh. Well anyways, heya. It's been a while.

It's nice to see things moving on well for ya, though!

Nothing taken in offense, though it's somewhat sad to see ya moving away. You don't really have to play osu! to stick around the osu! forums, if it's primarily just the game you're falling away from. Though, it's always your own choice, of course. If you've good friends where you're at, feel free to stick with them.

Nice seeing you around again for now though.
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