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Neko Hacker - Night Sky (ft. Mashilo & ichika)

So I woke up pretty early today at around 8:30am, I slept relatively late last night nearly midnight at 11:30pm so I decided to play Azur Lane for a while, I've only gotten 8.4k or so Kizuna Points on the event atm. Making sure to finish research, I proceeded to do the Daily Missions and clear out my Hard attempts for the day. Then I proceeded to farm SP-4 on Kizuna event, at that point I set my fleet to automatic so I can multi-window on my phone to Youtube. I strolled around my Subscriptions for new videos, a few Hermitcraft videos only I guess. Then I went to recommended for some fresh content. I got around to 10.2k Kizuna Points before my Powerbank (yes I sleep with my Powerbank) got to 1 bar so I had to go down, it was around 11:00am.
When I went downstairs, Lunch was already ready, we ate Kaldereta with my family but I didn't really eat that much, we talked about a movie called "The Wandering Earth" it was pretty interesting so I'll watch it on Netflix whenever I can.
Then I opened up my laptop and I immediately played Taiko, last night I was trying out Taiko for the first time and I quite liked it, I got around 2h of (total) playtime when my friend found out this really good cover of Los! Los! Los! by Selphius, it was a german cover and he said in our discord server that he was gonna map it in Taiko, since I was roughly experienced in Taiko, I decided to join in on the fun.
Since he was still out, I had to start making the beatmap first so I had to time it and cut the song and also find a good background picture. I finished about half an hour ago now and I was pretty satisfied with the GD I made. As I was thinking about my Taiko experience, I decided to change up my osu!me to reflect my new game modes that I was playing and I decided to open my queue so I can get some M4Ms, Then I decided to check up on other requests I made and it lead me to this queue so now I'm requesting a mod from you (and perhaps a nomination along with it?)

Thanks a lot for your consideration ^^
makisokk Haaai, NM please
milkshake, hehe
nm/bn thanks :3
I took my dog for a walk at 12:00 today
Nm req please
Currently staying up all night to fix my terrible sleep schedule
BN check, pls. Hope you will like a map and all the powers I put in it worth it

Going to look at new Jojo episode like always. It is out too late in my country

Thx in advance even if you just at it >w<
sakuu nm/bn check uwu

i ate 3 bowls of cereal at 12am today
SHANGUY - King Of The jungle

hungry rn but cooking is hard q.q

Where i can start from? Song is good, artist is VERY good, this morning i did my math text which went bad, just like my map, they are both awful T.T
Deppyforce another chika set but kaguya still better character than chika in anime tbh lol, sad theres no song for her

just dont at this crapmap i created kappa :^)

<- favorite anime char

rules are not irrelevant :c
Hey It's my first map so feel free to be harsh. Honestly mapping in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee is such a relaxing thing. Woke up at 6:50 am (way too early for a weekend) so this made that better.

Preferably all difs, but I think the Class President dif needs the most help lol.
Genre: Anime Openning
Song: Kira kira Explorer
From:Okusama Ga Seitokaichou!
Length: 0:29
hey, nm/bn please

thanks in advance!
loki/thaenan mappers guild mapset owo

i don't really like anime, but my favorite character is Star Butterfly from Star vs. The Forces of Evil
rosario wknd

Spektrem - Shine (Electro House)

BN Check

the breakfast was amazing
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