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Hello, i kinda like modding :)

rules for this modding queue are:
-osu! standard maps only
-intended for new/early mappers
-don't post requests if i have 2+ maps in my queue (bottom of this text), or if there's been posted 2+ maps in the last roughly 24h

other notes:
-mostly simple modding, im somewhat new to modding
-i prefer not modding regular anime songs

Things to include in your post:
-link (obviously lol)
-intended map type (doesn't need to be too specific)
-diffs/parts to mod if it isn't all of it

current maps to mod:
Okay then:
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/924876#osu/1931998
Difficulties to mod: All of them

I don't understand the second paragraph, so whatever
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