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i cant remember ever having a D on a legit run, C is too hard for me, those insane approved maps and stuff (with no fail), B means its too hard for me.
This B for me worths as much as some SS of mine

I think it mostly depends from how much the song is hard at all.....generally i try SS'ing "Hard" maps, instead when i'm going on Insanes i try FCing them giving not too much care on x100s.
To make a summary: B & C = nofail runs on songs too hard for me , A = idiotic misses , S = slider breaks or misstimed pressing due to tension, SS = i aim at them

PS: consider that i play mostly Hard diffs
To me, B's are OK if I ever play a approved beatmap. The only map I would ever consider a B an achievment is the insane map on Cyo Mateyo.

Pichu0102 wrote:

I know I really don't consider a song passed until I get at least an A, but I was wondering if anyone else thought the same way.
Why? B isn't even in your profile. You can get #1 with 0 SS, 0 S and 0 A's. Haha. =D

For me:

SS - Yeah, I'm playing Easy maps ang get SS. Nothing special.
S - happens often.
A - happens often. When I get an A, I try to get an S
B - In most cases maps that are harder than the ones I usually play. I'll take it.
C - Must be some record wihle playing the first few times.
D - same as C.
If we are saying what our different ranks are:

SS - Rofl Lewa is gonna be pissed at me this time.
S - Eh the usual
B - Most likely trying a song that isn't possible to FC with HD HR or screwing around with DT
C - Tag 4
D - Never happens.
Considering I play with Suddendeath, I don't really get Bs or lower that often


xXSupanoobXx wrote:

I probably have the most recorded A's in the world right now.

Person I will not name would like to speak with you.

Oh f-

I actually do wonder how many B's I have.


SS - Lolwat ok
S - Lol ok
A - Ok
B - Ok
C - Ok
D - Hmm... Ok

No really, that's the amount of shit I give to ranks.
SS - My curse has been lifted!
S - ...no it hasn't, damn that 1x 100.
A - That didn't count.

I like the way this is going.

kriers wrote:

1x100 1x miss → Mukku style song failed
0x100 1x miss → Lewa style song failed
Anything else → song failed
1x100 FC → sucky
0x100 FC → pass

tolliken wrote:

-Athena- wrote:

osu! is one of the hardest exams in the world.
Seriously a 92% and still just a B? We'll ace any other test.
Lol, that's true! :)

Also, why the hell can't i get something like, ta-da-dums, PLATINUM SS mark, in real life? :?:
You can, but you have to blind yourself so you can play on Hidden.

Also for me:

SS Rank - Jumping for joy
S Rank - Yeah I expected it.
A Rank - I'll work on it.
B Rank - Damn, I'm so bad at this.
C Rank - Oh god why didn't I just quit halfway through...
D Rank - I need to stop using No Fail.
If I get below 90% accuracy it's a fail for me, 91-93% not very satisfying too. Don't really care about rank and few combobreakers if accuracy is high.
Yeah. B-ranks in this case make you someone special. =D
I don't consider a lower rank a fail if the map is hard. Difficulty is a larger factor for me. Mainly due to the fact that 500 S ranks on easy/normal ranks won't help you improve and get higher ranks on harder songs.

Besides, that feeling of progress when you improve upon your old ranked score by any respectable margin is amazing.
anything below S is failing

Kanye West wrote:

anything below S is failing
You must fail a lot then \o/

Defacer wrote:

People who say anything below S is a fail are retarded in my eyes. Not only, exceptionally bad skilled also

It's like when a relatively new player says that anything below SS sux when he plays easy diffs+hardrock...

except 1-2 people in this thread all others are funny with their epic SStatements.
Correction there are more like 5-7 people in here that can talk about SS'ing!
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