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How do I record Osu gameplays?
I tried using window+G didn't work after the window update.
Nvidia didn't recognize osu as a game, so shadowplay didn't work as well...
What should I do?
Use OBS or something (https://obsproject.com)
u have multiple options:

1. the easiest one out there will be fraps. it records ok but the problem is that the files are huge

2. obs is the most popular option out there besides shadowplay. it's good but u need to do the settings and that might take some time.

3. I don't have Shadowplay since I don't have a nVidia card but I'm sure there should be a option to add games manually.

ur choice. all of em are worth trying imo.
I use Bandicam to record my osu! plays. Search the latest version of Bandicam in the internet and download this keymaker: http://softload.su/engine/download.php?id=437
Why do i choose Bandicam instead of OBS?
- The Bandicam has easier and better settings.
That's all.
windows key + Alt + R. Thats how you record on windows 10.
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