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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on viernes, 6 de mayo de 2022 at 16:58:42

Artist: TOMOSUKE x Jazzin'park
Title: LANA - Kiroku no Kakera (sasakure.UK Framework Remix) -
Source: jubeat saucer
Tags: - a Piece of Memories - 村上来渚 Murakami 栗原暁 Satoru Kurihara 久保田真悟 Singo Kubota ささくれP SasakureP 舟木智介 Funaki ゼクトバッハ Zektbach ジャジンパーク full version pop jpop video game electronic japanese famale vocal Axer _DUSK_ -Dusk Dusk- Megafan
BPM: 200
Filesize: 5811kb
Play Time: 03:30
Difficulties Available:
  1. Axer's Oni (4,23 stars, 752 notes)
  2. Colorless (6 stars, 1387 notes)
  3. Dusk's Inner Oni (5,3 stars, 1035 notes)
  4. Futsuu (2,6 stars, 477 notes)
  5. Kantan (1,82 stars, 283 notes)
  6. Megafan's Muzukashii (3,62 stars, 764 notes)

Download: TOMOSUKE x Jazzin'park - LANA - Kiroku no Kakera (sasakure.UK Framework Remix) -
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
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Muzukashii by Megafan
Oni by Axer
Inner Oni by Dusk-

BG Source 🎨

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