What did you guys do to get over a "Skill Wall"

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I just took a long break, and played some other games. Return after maybe a week or two and you will feel better. Alternatively, take breaks on some days of the week. My problem was I was getting tilted way too hard at the game.

Apart from that, try to push your limits. Skills you learn as you play maps beyond what you usually play apply well to the ones you do play.
Vuelo Eluko

Disappear wrote:

im flat wrote:

honestly i just always play hard shit and i never hit a wall
just look at my top plays for example lol
Yo tfw a 18k ranked player beats you to 400pp rip

Vuelo Eluko wrote:

You could always try just playing for hard passes for awhile before going for scores, I've found that some people play extra well after they've tried to play stuff above their skill level; you don't even have to actually pass said maps, some years back I linked Crai a certain map in spect and he failed miserably at the highest diff over the course of several tries not even passing once, he rage quit it and immediately went on to set his new highest top rank and in fact the highest pp play in the united kingdom first try on the map he chose immediately after. Possibly a coincidence but I think not because I've seen similar things happen countless times.

I believe playing a hell map creates a "super warmed up" effect, basically whatever you want to farm is simply going to feel easier after trying to read and keep up with such a massively more difficult map. Would not recommend this strategy to most intermediate/beginner players, as it does depend on having a strong fundamental skill set already and I could see it just leading to bad habits if you don't. I think you guys are exceptional enough for this to work, though. The more nigh unreadable and shitty the map the stronger the effect seems to be as your brain is trying that much harder to read what's on the screen even as you finally move on to the farmable map, so I would wholeheartedly recommend almost anything made by Aqo but I'm sure you both know of the kinds of maps I am talking about.

The bonus to this will be that eventually you will actually pass the hell map too and get a non-pp related shot of endorphins/proof of improvement.

As to whether this will get you over a 'skill wall', maybe or maybe not, it could get you over a mental block.

This is the only observation I can offer as a garbage player who has spent way too much time spectating pros and not nearly enough time playing the game 8-)
I do play a lot of hard maps, in fact that is what I usually play but all the time i still dont see the improvement when playing them. I usually go and play hard maps for a warm up and after an hour or so, try farming a map that I have been trying for the past few months. Still nothing :/ Thanks for the advice though.

Frikandel wrote:

I'd say people that get stuck at 7kpp like you and me are just tryharders without any talent. I wouldn't worry too much about it tbh.
that does sound about right lol

kacper124 wrote:

Well fist wdym by skill wall, do you mean your not improving in ANYTHING or just one specific aspect? Can you not play higher stars or you cant improve anything no matter what? I think that training one skill at a time will improve you at any skill level so what id suggest is just focusing on one thing and improving that (like if you can stream 220 try to learn 230 or increases your stamina or increase your acc or you ability to play tech maps etc.)

E: Also you can take a break for a week or two and come back, or just focus on a different aspect of osu!(like getting #1's or mapping) It could just be mindblock thats stopping you
Taking a break does seem to be the best option. And by skill wall, I mean like, no improvment, no pp, no scores, whatsoever. I'm like beating a dead bush. It just seems pointless trying to play something when the result is the same, or even worse. I get the occasional scores here and there, but it's really nothing impressive to say the least.
idk you seem to be setting a lot of scores on your top ranks, maybe you're being a bit overdramatic? Most of your top ranks are from days ago.
i don't see it the same way you do tbh. looking at your graph it's rising. and even if your graph was totally flat you would need to at least be somewhat competetive and improving to hold it where it is. you are improving. you are just slower than some others. but also faster than some others. it's normal and i think you gotta trace it back to innate talent (even though i'm not completely sure about that ofc).
honestly. most times where i've gained lots of pp where when after a drought i've started using tillerino. i know, by now i definitely know what maps give me good pp. but idk either i forgot some of them over time or i didn't know that map yet. sadly tillerino keeps suggesting me the same stuff after some time so i don't use it that often since it gets boring after a while. but coming back to it like every half year and just doing some !recommend nomod and playing every suggestion a few times is kinda fun for me too. don't know if it helps you but you could try it i guess.
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It is true that I'm getting a few top scores, but i feel like they are just not showing what I'm good at. 2 of them are chokes as well. However, yes I have been trying to keep ranking up and getting better, but i feel like it's just ranking up. Not really getting better in a sense. If you know what i mean
Tad Fibonacci
Maybe play offline for a while, try to relax and have fun?
Doctor Korg
Well, I just kinda play harder levels that are not in my star rating, when I can play 5 stars consistently, then I play 6 star maps even though I fail. Just do that everyday and you will soon be out of that skill wall.
try to push yourself,(try to get out of your comfort zone) because you wont improve if you only play stuff that you are comfortable with,for example if you only play 4* maps how do you expect to fc a 5* map if you dont play them?

Ofc as long as you are having fun, you will be able to push yourself.
You are improving because you maintain rank. What that simply means is that you're improving at around the same rate as your peers. Of course, that isn't enough.

You're already at a high level of play. Playing more hard maps won't really help. What you need to do is evaluate what your weak points are, and improve those bits. You need to take a really hard look at your fundamentals, technique, hand position, habits etc and see exactly what you need to improve on.

I've recently managed to improve my accuracy a little bit because I took a hard look at how I was tapping and realising that I've built a load of bad habits, I'm actively trying to improve that and I do see results, but it is slow.

That's the sort of thing you need to do. Find exactly what you need to improve/change and do it. Simply playing more streams maps just because you're bad at stream won't cut it for someone at your level. You need to know exactly why you're bad at streams and fix that.

Ofc, the most important thing is to have fun because otherwise, you won't be able to play.

Good luck.
At one point, my skill started deteriorating even though I still played the game somewhat regularly. I didn't just stop improving; my scores kept getting worse and worse and after a month I couldn't even pass some maps I'd been able to pass consistently before.

To get over the wall, I'd pick a map at a level where I could play everything comfortably, sort by difficulty, and just play every map once to completion until I got bored. At that point I'd switch to playing whatever I liked regardless of difficulty. Doing that every day for a week or two helped me start improving again.
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I guess I should mainly focus on improving some weak spots i have. Mainly streaming really. As my fingers are very slow. Any suggestions on gaining speed for streams and keeping the stamina? Maps, tips, anything would be great.

Disappear wrote:

I guess I should mainly focus on improving some weak spots i have. Mainly streaming really. As my fingers are very slow. Any suggestions on gaining speed for streams and keeping the stamina? Maps, tips, anything would be great.
I'm not sure if it works for everyone, but for me I tried to tap lightly. Just enough force to actuate the switch but not enough to bottom out. I just started with low bpm stuff, like 160. For the first few days my streaming was horrible as I switched to a new technique but I noticed a big improvement in my stream accuracy, stamina and some improvement in my streaming speed.

Another thing I tried was to put something underneath my tapping hand so that when my fingers were rested on top of the keys, the back of my hand was approximately flush with my wrist. For piano technique, this is considered good posture. I'm essentially trying to implement good techniques in piano playing because there is several parallels that can be drawn between piano and tapping.
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