What did you guys do to get over a "Skill Wall"

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I have been currently stuck at a "skill wall" for about a year at this point, and I want to see how you guys got over it, succumbed to it, or at least dealt with this.

For me, I slightly get over the wall, but I just keep falling back, and just like that over and over. Being like this for a year, I have seen tons of people that were 6 digits, come all the way to 4 digits, in fact, some go as far as getting a lot better than me.

I have been playing this game seriously (I don't know why, but I wanted to get good at something) and It bothers me when I try so hard to get better and see others get better willy nilly. This sounds pretty stupid but it's true.

So, how'd you guys overcome this "skill wall"? How long did it take? Did you do something different? and what were you thinking during that time?
Well fist wdym by skill wall, do you mean your not improving in ANYTHING or just one specific aspect? Can you not play higher stars or you cant improve anything no matter what? I think that training one skill at a time will improve you at any skill level so what id suggest is just focusing on one thing and improving that (like if you can stream 220 try to learn 230 or increases your stamina or increase your acc or you ability to play tech maps etc.)

E: Also you can take a break for a week or two and come back, or just focus on a different aspect of osu!(like getting #1's or mapping) It could just be mindblock thats stopping you
I'd say people that get stuck at 7kpp like you and me are just tryharders without any talent. I wouldn't worry too much about it tbh.
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