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Hello osu! player, today i would like to ask you all about something that has been stuck in my mind for quite a while now. And that is how big a circle looks like (not how big it actually is(as in the hitbox)) affects your performance.

Let's say a map's CS is set to 4, but you see it as CS:1, making it look bigger than it actually is. Is it harder or easier to hit it? And so goes to the opposite, CS:4 but you see it as CS:7, making it look smaller than it actually is. Is it easier or harder to hit?

I've tried it myself with the default skin and it seems that smaller circles makes my aim slightly better than when the circle is big.
I've actually tried to resize circles in a skin a while ago, however, anything smaller than default just caused me to tense up more which actually made my aim worse
i literally aim cs 5.2 better then anything lower
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