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I can do about 180. Depends what OD i'm streaming but if its below 9 than i can stream up to 200 before i start getting shit acc. I can also do short bursts of higher bpm (e.g. i can 90% nomod everything will freeze extra diff). Nothing special but just wanted to know what people can do.

Edit: So i just recently found out that I can stream around 450 notes of 200bpm and that my high bpm stamina has greatly increased. I can now complete up to 64 note 240bpm streams with shit acc but little to no trouble/fingerlock.
Somewhere between 10 and 240... Joking, the max I can do is about 150 if even. Streaming is not my strong suit but I seem to be getting better at it.
I can do 140-150 bpm
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