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Hello,I've bought a new tablet like a month ago(XP-Pen Star G640), and I can't settle my tablet area, pretty much nothing suits me. I'd like to hear your opinion and such things that might help me.My current area is w:90,h:50 (I am using reddit drivers also, should I stay or switch the drivers?)

-on bigger areas my hand can't reach the top
-on small areas it just doesn't suit me

Btw: I am aware the information is insufficient, I shall add more info when I'll have time to, 1-2 days ,in the meantime stick to this
Personally I would say stick with a tablet area, switching constantly is going to mess your aim up, it takes time to get use to changes, but that's just my opinion.
Hawku's drivers are good, you should keep using them. Regarding the area, MrSparklepants is right, just pick whatever feels somewhat ok and stick to it for a couple of months. I personally play with 80mm x 45 mm area (G640 + hawku's drivers too)
Vuelo Eluko
play with your hand position too

(courtesy of momi)

Vuelo Eluko wrote:

play with your hand position too

(courtesy of momi)
Welp, I've been having my hand on the wrong position the entire time.

The amount of tilt your pen makes also changes how far/close you can reach, and your control. I've found that having the pen in a more vertical position improves my aim but reduces how fast I can move.
Radiant Rayv

Vuelo Eluko wrote:

play with your hand position too

(courtesy of momi)
putting my hand in that "hand after" position actually made it more uncomfortable for me and actually reduced the range of my pen by a good bit

Hand position depends a lot on grip too, so this picture and its logic wont apply to everyone.
Vuelo Eluko
yeah red position is actually fine if your area is small enough to not encounter the 2 problem areas. It does come down to preference in the end.
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