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[STD] [3v3] [ALL RANKS] osu! Collegiate Cup [REGS CLOSED]

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Welcome to the osu! Collegiate Cup!

The osu! Collegiate Cup is a long anticipated tournament that is open to University and College students from anywhere in the world. Players will team up and represent their school.

Discord (mandatory)
Challonge (will be updated at playoff time)


General Info

  1. 3v3 Scorev2 format. Minimum 3 players maximum 5 on a team.
  2. 32 teams. If we get 64 then we can scale the format up. Teams that get at least 3 members will be considered a full team and will take priority over a school with a single player who signed up first
  3. Signup Deadline: Feb 09 2019 11:59pm EST.
    The highest PP player becomes the captain and has until Feb 12 2019 7:00pm EST to finalize the roster given the players from their school who signed up. Should the highest pp player not want to captain, they may pass it onto another player from their school.
  4. All players on the team must currently be a student at the school they choose to represent.
  5. Restricted accounts and staff will NOT be allowed to participate in the tournament. If a player's account is restricted during the tournament period then the player will be and their team will be issued a penalty. The restricted player will receive a permanent ban from all future osu! Collegiate Cup events.
  6. There are no prizes as of now but there's a small chance that can change.

Mappool info

  1. All mappools will be n+4 + 1 TB in size where n is the number of maps played in a round (if is is a bo7, the mappool will be 11 + 1TB in size for a total of 12 maps).
  2. All mappools will be revealed on the Sunday before the next week of matches begins.

Group Stage

  1. Groups will be seeded by average team PP. 4 seeding tiers of size n/4 will be made and 2 will be drawn from each tier to make a group. On February 12 2019 after rosters are locked in we will have a drawing for the groups that will be streamed live on twitch.
  2. There will be 4 mappools over the course of the group stage that will change every 2 weeks.
  3. Due to the volume of matches, group stages will be self reffed. Before the match the captains will meet and decide who will report the match. Before the match, both captains will announce that they are having their match in the #matches channel in discord. The chosen captain will then provide a match link, screenshots of the rolls, bans, and report the final score.
  4. Group Stage matches will be a bo9 format.
  5. Each week will start on Wednesday and end the next Tuesday at 11:59pm EST.
Week 1: Feb 13 - Feb 19     **Pool 1

Week 2: Feb 20 - Feb 26 **Pool 1
Week 3: Feb 27 - Mar 05 **Pool 2
Week 4: Mar 06 - Mar 12 **Pool 2
Week 5: Mar 13 - Mar 19 **Pool 3

Feb 10: Pool 1 Released
Feb 24: Pool 2 Released
Mar 10: Pool 3 Released


  1. At the end of the group stages, the top half in each group will go to the upper playoff bracket. The bottom 4 will go to the lower playoff bracket.
  2. Each bracket will be a ro16 double elimination tourney with a new, increasingly difficult mappool for each level.
  3. Due to April being a common exam season, Playoffs will be scheduled later. We will be collecting each school's exam period and try to work out a period when we can hold the playoffs without interfering with the final exams.
ro16:       bo9      Dates TBA

quarters: bo11 Dates TBA
semis: bo11 Dates TBA
finals: bo13 Dates TBA

Executives: Jalapinecone, barkdog55
Mappoolers: Meow Mix, Damach, Harrharrqi, KuroNeko2180, Migin
Statisticians: LumenLogic
Playoff Refs: tigereyes144 , Meow Mix, oralekin, aShuran
Riku on osu
chief called, he said this is it
I have also received notification from chief
this be a thing
this is what i live for
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