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OT COURT II: A-Breaking Laboratory & R.O.S.Q. vs Asht. Co

The time has arrived, OT Court will soon begin session!

To reiterate why we are holding this court, Asht. Co is in violation of denizen rights and competitive freedom, sued by the OT Royal Society of Quality and A-Breaking Laboratory, respectively. By employing mind control devices on the denizens, Asht. Co is crossing a line that should never be crossed, and opens up unfavorable consequences to the denizens in the land of OT.
Before we begin, First let us confirm that everyone is here. The clerk position was never filled in, so I, OT Royal Scientist abraker, will take on the task that everything runs smoothly. The court expects the following people to be present:

  • - Plaintiff: Royal OT Scientist abraker

    - Prosecutor: tad01123

    - Defendant: Ashton

    - Defendant's Attorney: sippingashton

    - bailiff: Penguin

    - Judge: Aiseca

    - Clerk: Royal OT Scientist abraker

    - Court Reporter: Vuelo Eluko

Please may the denizens listed present yourself in this court at your earliest possible convenience.
Well at least you are suing him respectfully.
Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
The prosecution is ready, your honor.


this will be interesting.... *sips black orange pekoe tea*

Ashton will be here very shortly
I'm 10-8
*setting up popcorn stall*
Greetings to all!

Judge AI, present in the courtroom.

I expect both sides and the Denizens following this case to be civil while this trial is on going. Any form of nuisance and serious attempt to interrupt and or slow down the process of this case would not be tolerated.

I will only be available for another 3 hours, I apologize if I delay the trial.
⭕ 00:23:261 (3) - Check thread title; should be "Laboratory".

Court is now waiting for the court reporter, Vuelo Eluko.
I think if it's abraker there also needs to be a court proofreader.
I believe that job goes to whoever is documenting the case. The closest position to that would be the court reporter.
I think it's the job of court reporter to do those sketches of people in the courtroom, as well.
If Vuelo Eluko doesnt present himself soon, we will start without him.

Now that everybody is present we can begin. First we will start with the opening statements from the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

Plaintiff's Statement

As owner of A-Breaking Laboratory, I was shocked to find that the company faced a crisis on /p/6947496 when an unauthorized individual, Ashton, claimed that I have sold the company to him for 400 billion pp. The evidence Asht. Co presented for this transaction was absolutely forged and made up. In addition to unilaterally taking over my work, he took advantage of the opportunity to used the company resource for his own gain, and steal it under his own company, Asht. Co. My company was hijacked and used for its resources and I will not let this act go unpunished!

As Head of OT Royal Society of Quality, there are huge concerns regarding the technology Asht. Co has claimed to have developed. The technology, which records say is a mind controlling device, threatens the the ability each denizen being of control of the work they contribute in OT. This will effectively allow Ashton to control the masses in order to define quality in his own image. As a representative of denizens in need, OT Royal Society of Quality does not believe any denizen would want to be subject to absolute control by such means. As a maintainer of quality, OT Royal Society of Quality must protect each individual's ability to contribute toward quality. Therefore, no such technology shall be allowed in OT and Asht. Co is to cease operations.

I can confirm abraker has sold the rights to me. The evidence provided in the thread was incorrect at first but then someone kindly fixed it. No sognature was required as the transaction was made with peppy coins.

Asht. Co heavily believes and supports the health of ot! Denizens and as such, we ensure everything we release to the public has been thoroughly tested and approved by healthcare professionals.

I, or any of my employees have never made any mention to mindcontrol whatsoever. I recognize the danger of mind control and as you’ve said, would never put such a dangerous formula out to the public let alone my own factories!

The case will now proceed

An overwiew of everybody's roles:

Judge Aiseca sees over the case and enforces justice. Everybody is to respect the judge.

Prosecutor tad01123 is to communicate with plantiff abraker and bring forth any evidence and refuting statements forward.

Defendant Ashton and Defendant's Attorney sippingashton are to refute the statements and evidence brought forth by Prosecutor tad01123

Bailiff Penguin is to make ensure nobody rips somebody else apart

Court Reporter Vuelo Eluko is to ensure everything is properly recorded in case someone decides to edit something. It is recommended to capture the current post as well as the previous. The first edit in this case has been recorded by me for your convenience:
Prosecutor tad01123 will now present the first evidence forward

The prosecution will now make it's opening statements:

On the day January 19th, 2019. Ashton had made a forum thread on OT claiming to have repossessed A-Breaking Laboratory with 400 billion PP.
He also ordered a shut-down alert but instead of shutting down the company, he would keep the company running under the name "Asht.Co" with any sales made by the products will go directly to Ashton. This also includes older products which have been developed and published by A-Breaking Laboratory.

Here's proof of what happened:

The evidence which Ashton have submitted was nothing but some text which he himself typed out. Further more, it does not come into a form of an official legal contract, so it the contract does not hold any legal validity.

Later on the same day, abraker - the rightful owner of A-Breaking Laboratory came back to his company and kicked out Ashton who have illegally took possession of A-Breaking Laboratory.


The next day, January 20th 2019. Ashton had made another forum thread on OT this time simply titled as " Recruiting!".
In the forum thread which by now have been highly edited, Ashton was trying to recruit people into "his" company, "Ash.Co" which actually is A-Breaking Laboratory which is rightfully owned by abraker.
To apply for the company, Ashton asked for people's personal information which includes name, reason for joining and any other information that one's willing to share.


But as you can see clearly, the thread was edited by Ashton 7 days ago due to community back-lash.
In the original post, Ashton simply asked people to be the test subject to his mind controlling machine which is a dangerous and inhumane product that need to be investigated further.

Sadly, I do not have the original screen shot of the original post so I cannot prove that Ashton said anything of sort. But I will be delighted if someone do have the original post saved and shared with the court so that all of the shady things that Ashton did can be tried by the court of law.

Overall, Ashton have violated the following rules due to his actions:
- Transaction contract forgery.
- Intrusion of private property. (This is when Ashton hijacked A-Breaking Laboratory and was eventually kicked out by abraker)
- Illegal recruiting in the name of a company that he does not own nor is a part of.
- Official documents illegal editing. (This is when he edited his recruit thread)
- Scam and fraud. (Ashton claimed to have bought A-Breaking Laboratory without any official documents to back up that claim and the 400 billion PP was never delivered to abraker - The rightful owner of the company)
- The illegal gathering of people's personal information. (When he asked for people's personal info in his fake recruiting thread)

Further more, with reasons stated above, there are grounds to suspect Ashton on the illegal activity of human testing and the development of a mind controlling device.
But with this we shall have to wait for more evidence to be submitted.
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