ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Last Time

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2012年7月4日 at 1:08:14

Title: Last Time
Source: Touhou
Tags: hakurei reimu abba nomiya ayumi forlane dream battle colorful path
BPM: 170
Filesize: 4525kb
Play Time: 02:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. ABBA's Hard (4.85 stars, 411 notes)
  2. Lunatic (5 stars, 512 notes)
  3. Normal (2.99 stars, 180 notes)

Download: ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Last Time
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
last time~
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めろさん るいさん☆ありがとうございます :)
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うわああああああ、swishさんありがとう :cry:
Sun Rainbow
Sorry For My bad english...
00:15:113 I think the slider end can move(X:251 Y:167)
00:18:290 Slider END ^(X:348 Y:176)

I Think this is Insane don't is Easy :o
02:27:466 ADD NC
02:27:642 Del NC

You are WIN.....
Sorry For My BAD MOD :o
Hurray more touhou \o/. anyways mod requested on my queue.

Bold: unrankable/must fix.
Red: You should fix it, but it's up to you.
Italic: Suggestion. Feel free to ignore this if you don't like it.
Blue: Comment. I'll give you my opinion, advice, or if i'm curious about something.

Add "spring lane" and "maiden's capriccio" in the tags. that's the 2nd half of the touhou theme this song is in, since you have dream battle, and colorful path in the tags, i think it'd make sense if these 2 names are in the tags.

since this is the easiest diff, decrease the CS by 1. players might have a tough time hitting these notes with the circles that small IMO, also maybe you can increase the AR by 1 for flow throughout the whole song.
00:02:407 (2) - I think it'd be easier and straightforward if this slider aligns to the previous slider. i felt uncomfortable when i moved my cursor there.
if you want you can use the code provided if you follow the suggestion above.
00:22:525 (4) - Move this horizontally or down because this slider is touching the score and that might distract other players during gameplay, also add a clap at the end of this slider for consistency purposes.
00:27:819 (3) - Since you have clap at the end of (1), do the same thing here. move it from the repeat arrow to the end so that it'd be consistent with (1).
00:34:172 (2,1) - it sounds bad if the finish is at (1) because although that follows the vocals, this finish at (1) might bother other players, a finish should be at the end of (1). remember only add finishes if you start a new rhythm(optional) or at the 1st downbeat to represent a new pattern, etc...
00:46:172 (1) - maybe add a clap at the end to match the sound of the snare in the song?
00:47:937 (3) - remove the clap on this slider. the claps are supposed to follow the vocals in the song, and this part doesn't have the vocals.
00:48:290 (4) - same as 00:46:172.
00:50:760 (3) - ^
do the same thing on the last few combos. it'll sound a lot nicer during gameplay.
01:00:290 (1,2,3) - i'm not feeling the flow on these 3 sliders. they're straight but the direction it's taking plays to the point i felt uncomfortable. make these curved sliders so that it'd flow smoother to the next note.
01:10:878 (1) - add a finish at the end. same reason as 00:34:172, but it'll match the instrumental
01:13:701 (1) - since (3) is a curved slider, do the same thing here so that it'd be consistent, and it'd flow smoother to the next note.
01:16:525 (1) - ^
01:21:554 (1) - move this spinner up by 1/4. since this is the easiest diff, this spinner might surprise beginners with the spinner this close.
01:34:348 (1) - right here. remove the finish because it sounds unfitting since it's at the 1/2 tick. again this finish might bother players during gameplay.
01:44:760 (2,1) - ^
02:06:642 (4) - add a finish at the beginning, it'll be consistent with (2) since it matches the vocals and the vocal tone sounds the same.
02:16:525 (2) - same a above but it's up to you. it'll match the instrumental in the song.
02:21:819 (2) - add a finish at the repeat. the chorus starts all over again so adding a finish would represent a new rhythm.
02:27:113 (1) - same as above but at the end.
02:31:966 (1) - the finish on the spinner can be a lot louder than this. i can barely hear the cymbals in this part. 50% should be just right, so increase the volume of this finish to 50%.
02:32:142 (1) - same as 01:21:554, and the finish on the spinner can be a lot louder than this. i can barely hear the cymbals in this part. 50% should be just right, so increase the volume of this finish to 50%.
when you follow the vocals, don't overuse the 1/1 lines. you should add notes at the 1/2 ticks because it'll flow a lot smoother to the song. for example 01:34:348 (1,2,3,1) - . (1,2) are following the vocals, but (3,1) aren't and it sounds off when you went to the 1/1 rhythm.

[ABBA's Hard]
These diff settings don't fit for a hard diff. i highly suggest that you increase the HP and OD by +1 at least. if you want, you can increase the HP by 2 because i think that settings like these would fit for a hard diff.
00:00:995 (1,1,1,1) - A triangle? i don't like notes that go around in a circle because it throws me off. make this a 4 sided shape to give off a great introduction to the song.
00:12:290 (1,2) - make these curved sliders to give off a smoother flow to the song.
00:28:525 (3,4) - how about moving this note here so that there would be an even gap between that slider? i think it'll play nicely during gameplay.
00:40:172 (1,2,3) - for this part, it's all about NCs. remove the NC for (1,2). the guitar is still going from the previous combo, and (3) should be a NC because of new lyrics.
00:41:584 (1) - if you follow the suggestion above, remove the NC because the vocals are still going.
00:56:760 (5) - hmm space this out to avoid the bad overlap. it should be consistent with (3,4) since they're both spaced out.
00:57:466 (1) - ^
02:05:584 (4) - Maybe Ctrl+R to make it flow smoother to and from the notes?
02:06:996 (4) - ^
02:09:290 (12) - make this a lone NC. the vocals end here and it's focusing on the guitar.
02:23:760 (8,9) - replace this for a 1/1 slider because it follows the long pause a lot accurate than this kind of rhythm. you should do this kind of rhythm if there's a change in lyrics in the song, but since this is a long pause, it might throw off players who play this.
02:31:966 (1) - same as normal about the finish
this diff looks fun, but it'd flow a bit nicer if you can curve some of the straight sliders so that it'd give off that smooth feeling to the map.

maybe it's just me, but i don't think AR9 would fit as i'm not feeling the flow for this. decrease the AR by 1 as it'll flow smoother to the song.
00:03:819 (1) - stack this on the 1st 2 notes. players might expect a stack on the same spot at the 3rd time around on their 1st try.
00:24:819 (4) - since you have claps at the 1/2 ticks, add a clap here to give off a nice clap pattern. i think it'll be consistent with this part.
00:24:819 (4,6) - these sliders break the flow pattern for this because they're straight sliders while the other sliders are curved sliders. i suggest that you make these sliders curved sliders to continue the flow from there.
00:25:348 (5) - i see the slight stack, but put this at the middle so that the gap would be even with these 2 sliders.
00:41:760 (4) - Stack this note on (1). it'll look neater if you do this. that overlap bothers me when i play this diff.
01:31:348 (1) - extend this spinner by 1/2 because that's where the guitar starts and where the drums end.
01:56:760 (3) - make this a NC so that it'll be consistent with 00:46:172.
02:02:407 (7) - ^
02:15:995 (2,4) - stack (2) on the end of (9). same reason as 00:41:760.
02:16:878 (2) - Do Ctrl+R so that it'd flow smoother from the previous note.
02:28:172 (2) - you must know that this is unrankable because the hitburst is covering the repeat arrow. find a way to make the repeat arrow fully visible for players to see.
02:31:966 (1) - same as hard.

I guess that's it. i'd give this a star, but the rhythm of the mapset made me feel uncomfortable, so i'm gonna keep my star. anyways GL :D
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