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Match Rules

Welcome Everyone to the second iteration of Anime Tiddles Tournament!

Anime Tiddles will turn 3 years old this summer, and to celebrate, we want to give something back to the community!

This tournament is all about fun and equal chances!
Lower ranked players will gain powerups if they are playing against higher ranked opponents, but in order to win you will need to use these powerups wisely! (more info on powerups below)
We have reached the player cap!

It is advised to be at least 100k, but feel free to sign up if you want to.

The tournament is all rank, 1v1 and held in scorev2

Signups are closed. You can still apply for a role in the staff team

Anyone wanting to ref or pool will be highly appreciated!

- 1v1
- Score v2
- All rank
- Groupstage > Double elimination
- Being in the discord is obliged
- Players may be screened and given a new rankseeding based on previous tournament performances (seeded rank = rank * modifier). modifiers will never be 1 or greater. Players influenced by this will be notified.
- BO5 in Groups, BO7 from RO32 until Quarterfinals, BO9 in Semifinals until Grand Finals

For in-depth rules click Here

First place: €16
Second place: €8
Third place: €4

Prizes via paypal or osu!supporter

Important dates
20-1-2019: Closed signup release
23-1-2019: Open signup release (forum post)
1-2-2019: Signups close (staff signups still available)
2-2-2019: Group drawings

Bracket schedule
9-2-2019: Groupstage
23-2-2019: RO32
2-3-2019: RO16
9-3-2019: Quarterfinals
16-3-2019: Semifinals
23-3-2019: Finals
30-3-2019 : Grandfinals

Mappool schedule

Monday before matchweekend.

Subject to change


- A lot of referees. Player's can sign up as referee aswell! Even reffing 1 match will be highly appreciated
- 1-2 Map poolers!
- 1-2 Commentators
- 1-2 Streamers

Hosts: FogsFles, RSA, Irgendetwas
Brought to you by Team Anime Tiddles.

Click Here for the powerup calculator

No tier difference
Stage 1: -
Stage 2: active: Select score mode (choice of: Score, Acc, Combo, Scorev2)
Stage 3: -
Stage 4: active: Freemod yourself (pick HR or HD)

1 tier difference
Stage 1: active: Force opponent HD or HR. HR not on DT (You decide what mod)
Stage 2: passive: steal ban (get 1 extra ban, take one of opponent)
Stage 3:
Stage 4: active: Force opponent Spunout (0.9x multiplier)

2 tier difference
Stage 1:active: Force opponent Sudden death
Stage 2:
Stage 3:passive: get to pick two maps each turn
Stage 4:

3 tier difference
Stage 1: active: Force opponent NoFail
Stage 2:
Stage 3:passive: Free point
Stage 4:

4 tier difference
Stage 1: passive: 1.2x modifier for all maps (calculated after playing per map by ref)
Stage 2: active: Force HalfTime
Stage 3:
Stage 4: active: Force opponent EZ

5 tier difference
Stage 1: passive: 1.5x modifier for all maps
Stage 2: passive: second Free point
Stage 3: passive: steal 2 bans
Stage 4: active: Force FL

Team Anime Tiddles a large tourney team as well as a community and group of friends.
While playing tournaments together is what we usually do, we also tend to run small events or simply play vidya together.
You might have seen our teams in tournaments before!
Currently we have 140+ members!
Want to join the team? Ask RSA or Fogsfles ingame or on discord!
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now this is epic
I suck at fortnite

FogsFles wrote:

for what, dude.
rsa is gonna win this
I am in
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