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Hi :3c

The Low Diff Assurance Team™ (LDAT for short) is a group of people who appreciate and care about low difficulties (Easy, Normal and Hard or their equivalent diffs in the other game modes). In order to assure quality regarding these diffs, we decided to set up this queue where you can request mods and GDs. Currently, the game modes std, taiko and mania are available. The queue will be open based on rounds and once we have cleared most requests we will re-open it.
Members written in bold are able to nominate maps
  1. -[Shady]- (std)
  2. _tranquility (std)
  3. Agatsu (std)
  4. Cami (std)
  5. Cheesecake (std)
  6. Creamy Candy (std)
  7. Cris- (std)
  8. dennischan (std)
  9. Dored (std)
  10. dudehacker (mania)
  11. FAMoss (mania)
  12. Glaceon (std)
  13. Kowari (std)
  14. Krfawy (std)
  15. Myxomatosis (std)
  16. nextplay (std)
  17. Poii (taiko)
  18. Project Railgun (std)
  19. realy0_ (std, taiko)
  20. salchow (taiko)
  21. Serizawa Haruki (std)
  22. spoes (std)
  23. Stormiverse (std)
  24. TmacBoris (std)
  25. Xayler (std)
  26. Xenon- (std)
If you are interested in joining, contact me anywhere
Mod requests:
  1. All mods are NM unless you want to give something in return, in that case say who you want to do M4M with
  2. Post mapsets that include at least one low diff
  3. We will not mod high diffs unless someone is specifically interested in the mapset as a whole
  4. If you're just looking for a quick opinion/feedback on one of your low diffs, please specify that
  5. New/inexperienced mappers are always welcome
GD requests:
  1. Only request Easy, Normal and Hard GDs or their equivalent diffs in the other game modes
  2. You can specify which mapper you want a GD from, but if you don't mind who does it, you can also just request it generally and maybe someone is interested
  3. Your mapset should ideally go for ranked
  4. The mapper who wants to do a GD for you will message you via forum PM
  5. Please be patient when waiting for a GD, we're all quite busy
Cartoon- "Whatever I Do (feat. Kostja)"


nm for ENH
easy, normal
And it's wip so i just need quick opinion mostly on rhythms choices
Hey o7

Song: Laur - Absolute Domination
Maps Needing Check: BASIC, NOVICE, maybe ADVANCED
3 low difs https://osu.ppy.sh/s/913669 NM please
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