✿ My NewbieModding Queue <33 [CLOSED 2/2][M4M -/∞]

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✿ Rules

✿ 1.) Only newbie maps! You can't have ranked maps.
✿ 2.) Max Draining Time 3 min.
✿ 3.) Only Standart, no Taiko or CtB (I can test CtB and say my opinion)
✿ 4.) No more than 1 Map and only your own
✿ 5.) No bubbled Maps or Maps for Approved
✿ 5.) Don't post when Queue is closed!
✿ 6.) If you've already posted once, you must wait 3 rounds (except I have not modded your map because you were too late or something like this)
✿ 8.) M4M can skip rule 1.), 2.) and 5.) No M4M atm
✿ 9.) Mutal Friendship can skip all rules.

Maps for M4M

meow <3 searching for Guest Diffs ♥

✿ Look at my last post for free slots :3

DWB feat. Fade - One Reason (TV Size) by Nagisawa deleted
paraoka - boot by rickyboi
Ezequiel Serrano - Es el Robot Gigante (TV Size) by iMercurial
Itou Kanako - Find the Blue (Short Ver.) by Kurokami graveyard
Sakakibara Yui - ChuxChu!! (Short Ver.) by -Sekai- graveyard
Megpoid GUMI - Nisemono no Uta by raririn
Hashimoto Miyuki - Futuristic Player (TV Size) by Akemi_Homura graveyard
Kajiura Yuki - Credens justitiam by Chewin
Iguchi Yuka - Platinum Disco (TV Size) by forevehappy graveyard
Kalafina - Hikari no Senritsu (TV Size) by Zejky
Hatsune Miku - Melt (Short Ver.) by [Ranger] graveyard
Nanamori-chu * Goraku-bu - Yes! YuYuYu*YuruYuri (TV Size) by popner
MBLAQ - Baby U! -TV MIX- by shikyu
Lil Deuce Deuce - I Like Trains by Sushi
LiSA - crossing field (TV Size) by Gyuunyu graveyard
Nakae Mitsuki - Renka Sensei by rui
ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Bird of the Basket by palinus graveyard
LiSA - crossing field(TV Size) by LQA20Ans
nao - Tsukumonotsuki by nich95
SHK - Salut D'amour by Philippines
Souei Academy Light Music Club starring i.o - Sekai de Hitotsu no Takaramono by Star Stream graveyard
Utada Hikaru - Hikari (PLANITb Remix) by Yasora graveyard
FictionJunction - Parallel Hearts (TV Size) by bossandy
Minori Chihara - Terminated (TV Size) by JudgeTheDude
Komatsu Rika - My Sweet Heart (TV Size) by -Sekai- graveyard
Kitamura Eri - Happy Girl (TV Size) by KuronumaSawako
KOTOKO - Oboetete ii yo by cRyo[iceeicee]
ClariS - Dreamin' by jesse7419
Nakamura Meiko - fragment of tears by [CSGA]Ar3sgice graveyard
Koda Kumi - Go to the top (TV Size) by thou bad
Luo Tianyi - Song of Cao Ni Ma by popner
Tada Aoi - Harvest by Yasora graveyard
Pendulum - Crush (Radio Edit) by JauiPlaY
Qrispy Joybox feat.mao - Colorful Minutes by Colored Wind
Kagamine Rin & Len x Megpoid GUMI - First Love Academy * School of True Love by Xierra
IA - Tori no Uta by R e v i v e
Sul Woondo - Twist of Love by ykcarrot
Alphaville - Forever Young (Nightcore Remix) by kelvinli
ClariS - Sayonara wa Iwanai by Athena Tennos
Kawada Mami - u/n by Lizellota graveyard
Hatsune Miku - Senbonzakura by GoldenWolf
Kicco - Kokoro Hare by aabc271
Nanahira & Mameko & Riko & Mega - Straight LOVE by intoon
Kakichoco - Killer Lady by Mikarunoel131
UVERworld - Core Pride (TV size) by JT123
Andy Hunter - Stars (Phonat Remix) by donmilionare graveyard
Hikasa Yoko - Listen!! by killer007
Nekomata Mastet - scar in the earth by Reisen Udongein
sphere - HIGH POWERED by Taris
BACK-ON - Chain (TV Size) by JT123
Avicii - Levels (Nightcore Mix) by Kiyro
Kugimiya Rie & Kitamura Eri - Holy Night (Short Ver.) by Wafu
The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun (Nightcore Mix) by Piscis
nano - No pain, No game by tutuhaha
Skrillex - The Reason by C4R10Z123GT
Etsuko Yakushimaru and the Metro Orchestra - Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere (TV Size) by luxoDeh

SHIKI - Canary by kogumano-putaro
Pokota and Hanatan - Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei by blackabyss
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ok, here we go ^^ 2 maps

✿ no special slot open!
Hi kurohana!


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ok, closed :3
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ok, 1 more, that's all for today xD
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ok, closed for today :3
my queue is my queue name :<
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eldnl wrote:

my queue is my queue name :<
sorry, i change that >.< btw, nice picture :3
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Well, 1 map for tomorrow :3 and i open 1 Special Slot (click on my pending maps for all of my maps, i have to cut a picrure for my thread lol. Make sure staring (or moddind :roll: ) my maps, no guest diffs >.<)

Ok, here we gooo~~~

special slot: write the modded/stared map in post, please
stared this: t/83004
And here is mine: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/46843
thanks :3
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Kurokami wrote:

stared this: t/83004
And here is mine: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/46843
thanks :3
Thanks :3

1 free slot, special slot is full ^^

kurohana wrote:

eldnl wrote:

my queue is my queue name :<
sorry, i change that >.< btw, nice picture :3
I was just kidding, use the name that you want, I don't have a queue anymore anyways.
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hm, i take 2 maps for today :3 Please read the rules!!

Special Slot: CLOSED

well, let's gooo~~ >.<


late XD
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ok, closed :3

B2IN wrote:



late XD
yes, late >.<
maybe next round :3
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