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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
This is similar to the "Banned" logo thing.

http://osu.ppy.sh/u/Danzai I wonder we could see a "Deceased" logo on his userpage, on there the "banned" logo is... And be sure to change to status into Rank "#0 / Lv0 / 0 kd".

Also, there's a furry art site that has one with the "∞" symbol next to their username. It means that people passed away before it was set to "deceased", depending on the admins to find out it's true. http://puu.sh/xCFf

If you think it's not possible, then that's okay.

Thank you.

Not sure if you're trolling. Can we please lock this, this is very disrespectful.
If players quit playing by any means their record should be kept.

Requesting such things is disrespectful.
I don't see this as disrespectful, but I'm not actually going to implement something so pointless.
Personally, I myself don't see an issue with this, but as ppy said, it's not really something necessary or really helpful.

The farewell message on the User page and the link to his rememberance thread are enough, I feel.
what the hell?
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