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The most frustrating thing for me is that i have put in the effort of at least 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours each day playing through "long stream practice" maps and general stream maps such as "Akasha" or "Ascension to heaven". At times I cannot stream any BPM above 150.

I have tried almost every hand position, tapping lightly, tapping harder and even attempting to tap with my index and ring finger in attempt to increase speed.

I know my problem and yet I don't; I can see that after the first few notes in the stream I lose complete rhythm but the hit error score meter is completely useless in this case indicating i am not hitting fast enough and so i purposely speed up and this makes me completely lock up.

The simple problem is I cannot tap fast enough yet feel i have enough stamina to go on forever. On the odd occasion I can tap fast enough, my finger control is the compromise.

Edit: The abnormality in this is that i can alternate any BPM and alternate every note normally but cannot "stream" things.

Is their absolutely anything more I can do or focus on, besides the very extent I have already gone to? Thanks in advance.
Might be your skin / hitsounds. If both the music and the hitsounds are loud enough, you should be able to hear if you're going wrong.
Provide some details about your skin / settings.
I think you need to find your comfort bpm where you can stream or do bursts accurately, and start from there. If you say 150 bpm is your limit then slowly play maps that are 160 bpm, after you’re confortable with it go faster

Secondly don’t play stream practice maps they are used for confirming your streaming capability rather than improving it

N0thingSpecial wrote:

Secondly don’t play stream practice maps they are used for confirming your streaming capability rather than improving it
Also don’t stress about it too much, it’ll come around eventually if you keep it up.
Thanks for all the quick replies, its very useful for me and I will take up the suggestion to play until I can do 160 bpm and focus less on long stream maps. As for what skin I use its the beastrollmc-2018-09-25 skin i am comfortable with it for both hidden and no mod as well as high and low AR. As for hit sounds I struggle to pay attention to them as a source of feedback so not too sure on that one. Thanks guys!
Until just a couple of weeks ago I was in the exact same position as you. I was hard-stuck at 150-160 BPM, and playing long stream practice maps every single day. DO NOT use those long stream practice maps to help with stamina and speed. They are not effective and they just aren't realistic. You can pass 95 percent of maps with about 50 stream combo of the bpm. No map is going to have 1000 combo of streams.

More importantly, there are so much more to streaming than raw stamina and speed. Flow aim is huge. Many times it may seem that you are losing stamina or rhythm, but in reality, you are just moving the cursor late or not reading the stream properly. Finger control is also very important. Clicking the correct notes at correct times can save a lot of stamina as well.

Here are some maps I recommend for practicing. I suggest that you make a collection or something and play these instead of the “stream practice” maps.

Under 170 bpm: (For training simple flow aim, and low bpm stream finger control.

Under 180 bpm: (Again some flow aim practice, but also some accelerating streams)

Under 190 bpm: (Flow aim, stream jumps, and some stamina maps)

PM me if you want more. Hope this helps.
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